Benghazi Busted: Former CIA No. 2 Slams Fox News Like Media Who Don’t Understand Intelligence


Stand down, fools. At long last, stand down.

Michael Morell, writing for Politico Magazine, slammed pundits who repeatedly trot out Benghazi baloney, because they do not understand how to read intelligence reports.

Wearily, Morell explains that this is hardly a one-off. The “Benghazi broadsides” keep “missing their mark anew”:

Like clockwork, every several weeks, someone discovers a new document that, to their minds, “proves” that what the administration and the intelligence community have been saying about Benghazi is a bunch of lies. But time and again these documents don’t add up. They don’t show what the pundits think they show—and the Benghazi broadsides miss their mark anew.

It’s Fox News, but also the mainstream outlets who repeat Fox News’ claims, for some unknown reason — even after being humiliated repeatedly by the outright falsehoods they’ve stamped their names on.

As to the recent spate of hysterical GOTCHAS!, Morell is not impressed. From misreading the date of the reports to just plain not understanding how things work, the pundits got it wrong. One report does not the full picture paint. To wit:

But the only thing that newly released document proves is that the people who trot out these reports do not understand the world of intelligence and do not take the time to ask the right people the right questions before publishing the “news.” The DIA report in question was an “Intelligence Information Report” or IIR. It is what we term “raw intelligence.” It was not the considered view of DIA analysts. Often from a single source, these bits of information represent one thread that some intelligence collector has picked up. The all-source analysts in the Intelligence Community are charged with looking at that snippet of information and every other bit of available information from communications intercepts, human intelligence, open source material and much more to come up with an overall judgment.

So, see, lots of information comes in and it’s called a “report”. These reports are then vetted and sourced and confirmed and laid out against conflicting reports until some semblance of what probably happened is determined by reason (reason, not hysteria). Morell gets into the scary but accurate truth that there are some things we do not know for sure. He writes for example, “One is the debate on whether an anti-Islam YouTube video played any role in sparking the Benghazi attacks. The short answer is that we still don’t know with absolute certainty.”

We do not know for certainty.

So naturally, the “strident” Benghazi conspiracy artists “ridicule” the idea of the video being a factor, as if they know more than the FBI, but Morell reminds us all that the FBI were “among those who have argued that the video may have been a factor.”

We do not know for sure.

Who is this Michael guy? Oh, he’s only the former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency who served as acting director from 2012 to 2013.

This is not to suggest that the CIA would tell Americans all angles or even most of them. But it is to suggest that there is such a thing as real knowledge and information, and the ability to identify said things and put them together is what determines our intelligence, or lack thereof, in the Benghazi hysterics case. The questions have been asked and answered by even Republican-led committees and come up empty. The point is that Morell has more credibility as an intelligence expert than the pundits on Fox News.

Additionally, Morell is explaining something that has been explained over and over and over again to Republicans over the years of their Benghazi conspiracy delusions.

It’s basic being the person in charge stuff — you gather information, then you sort it, vet it, source it again, confirm it, and then start debating conclusions — not gather info and DECIDE!

Republicans, Fox News, and the media that sniffs after them like a deranged, starving pack of wolves like to keep things super simple when it suits them, but unlike the George W Bush administration, the Obama administration doesn’t go off half-cocked, invading a country on cherry picked information.

Sure, when you let information determine what you conclude, you will change your “mind” as the information is vetted and sourced and confirmed or not confirmed. But this is something that most people with a few brain cells can handle. They know the world is not paint-by-numbers and that Big Daddy’s Texas drawl isn’t really going to keep us safe. It didn’t keep us safe.

It’s ironic and predictable that the very people who can’t handle this nuance invaded Iraq based on “faulty” intelligence that they cherry-picked and failed to properly vet (at best). They were so SURE. Mission Accomplished, y’all!

The real conspiracy here appears to be the fact that the GOP pipe-addicted media continually allow Benghazi histrionics to be used as cover for Republicans in order to avoid discussing their policies.

73 Replies to “Benghazi Busted: Former CIA No. 2 Slams Fox News Like Media Who Don’t Understand Intelligence”

  1. And since ‘this Michael guy” doesn’t ditto-head the Fox News Kool-aid, they’ll turn on him as well, soon.

    It could be that the Pox News folks couldn’t recognize intelligence, since they’ve not encountered anything resembling it before.

  2. Fox Noise. The channel that cries wolf so many times only the village idiot comes out of the house to notice.

  3. the good news would be that eventually the village idiot gets eaten because one time the wolf will actually be there…

    and slowly.. the Fox News audience whittled away…

  4. What time is it?? as Morris Day would say! Listen GOP, where was ALL this FAKE A$S patriotism during the reign of RONALD WILSON REAGAN in 1983?? where 241 U.S. servicemen, 58 French paratroopers, 6 civilians we’re MURDERED in Beirut!! WHERE? where were YOU darrell issa?? STEALING CARS? WHERE were YOU lindsey graham?, trying on sundresses at LANE BRYANT? WHERE? were YOU rand paul? looking for a affordable toupee at Kmart? WHERE? were YOU trey gowdy? NO! that’s alright!, I don’t wanna know! Bottom line? this Benghazi GOP witch hunt is disgusting!! there were lives lost and these GOP jerkoffs aren’t one bit concerned about that!, it’s ALL about raising MONEY and FOOLISHLY trying to make Hilary look bad!! BULL$HIT! could you imagine ANY democrat putting REAGAN through this nonsense?? REPUBLICANS aren’t REAL americans! PERIOD!

  5. I just read the Morell piece in full and disagree with his premise. He thinks Fox made errors and didn’t understand what they reported. As anyone who has known of their lies since they began, it is done on purpose and with full knowledge of what the true story is and what the propaganda, twisiting, omissions they report are.

    They know, and yes, it isn’t (by a million times) a “one off” at all.

    It isn’t that they are dumb, it is that they have an agenda to fulfill. Attack Hillary.

    Surely people at this board are familiar with agendas to attack her. Especially, by omission of important facts left out and passive aggressive lies which are told on purpose. Context is EVERYTHING.

    And by giving her opposition an audience and praise and by omitting what she really said, well they get what they planned.

    They are cunning, not stupid.

  6. Morell also ignores Feinsteins whole torture report. He says enhanced interrogation techniques were imperitive and he stands by them.

    I almost ordered his book a month ago because he does out Cheney, (the whole world knows by now) but he is wrong about torture so why buy that crap.

  7. “it’s ALL about raising MONEY and FOOLISHLY trying to make Hilary look bad!! ”

    You are 100% correct, knight.

    You are a knight for the truth.

  8. This is WHY we need The Fairness Doctrine or a reasonable facsimile!

    “It’s Fox News, but also the mainstream outlets who repeat Fox News’ claims, for some unknown reason — even after being humiliated repeatedly by the outright falsehoods they’ve stamped their names on”.

    Via: Sarah Jones…who’s great!

  9. WE should Push PBO for a Similar/New Fairness Doctrine.

    Remember, he said…”If The People Push Me”

  10. It was Republican’s who tortured muslims,and then they wanna blame Benghazi on democrats ! Lying Hypocrite’s !

  11. Who is this Michael guy?
    Is this the same Mike Morell- the most controversial figure in the Benghazi story- that lied to Congress about the WH talking points?
    Pfft. There’s only one thing that’s consistent about Mike Morell: his ability to change stories while desperately clinging to some semblance of credibility as a former Deputy Director CIA spook. First he solemnly swore that he had no idea who changed the Benghazi talking points. A year and a half later his story basically changed to sure, I edited the talking points. So what?
    Is this the same Mike Morell that works for Beacon Global Strategies? You know, that PR firm full of HRC loyalists which, according to former investigative reporter for CBS Sharyl Attkisson, “essentially serves as an open funnel for Hillary Clinton slush funds disguised as payments for P.R. services rendered?”

    THAT Mike Morell?
    Yes, I do believe they are one and the same.
    Hm, what’s that cha-ching sound of money I hear?

  12. The cha-ching you hear are those rocks in that empty space that you place your hat on. You would think after 3 years of looking like a fool about Benghazi who would STFU about it

  13. You scold very well, but it’s a
    funny coincidence- funny *strange*, not funny *haha*- the timing of Morell’s piece. It comes on the heels of the latest info released from a FOIA lawsuit showing the DIA conclusion that the Benghazi attack had been planned for more than a week.
    The DIA concluded that the attack had been planned for “10 or more days prior” and was retribution for an American drone strike that had killed a senior AQ leader in June 2012. Moreover, the attack had been planned for the anniversary of 9/11 as a propaganda coup for AQ.
    The name Mike Morell and the words “CIA intelligence” have no place in the same sentence. He would have no problem telling you the attackers were members of Greenpeace.

  14. That was last week’s talking points by the RWNJ internet sites.

    This week the legitimate people debunked it.

    They keep trying. How does one feel when they toss themselves at a brick wall for year after year and the wall won’t budge?

  15. Fox cherry picked and Morell said it was due to them being stupid (not deceitful) but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t right about the actual data. He presumed Fox made a mistake and I think they were deliberate in their report.

    It isn’t wrong info. just the way it was presented above as being stupid not cunning was the error.

    Charlie, it was touted by RWNJs and debunked by everyone else.

  16. Judicial Watch? No wonder I missed it. They have no credibility what so ever.
    Judicial Watch says ISIS operating a camp in Mexico–near El Paso FALSE

    KABOOM!* Ethics Dunce: Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch Fame

    Judicial Watch Exposes Obama’s Plan to Let Ebola Infected Foreigners Into the U.S.

    and it goes on and on and on and on………

  17. Did you not see the screenshot of the actual memo?
    So JW is now producing fraudulent DIA documents?
    Is that what your claim is?

    Mind. Blown.

  18. Fox cherry picked and Morell said it was due to them being stupid (not deceitful) but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t right about the actual data.
    I have no idea what was or wasn’t said on Fox, but Morell now claims we shouldn’t believe our own lying eyes. Uh-huh…sure…only Mike Morell is capable of reading DIA docs correctly.

  19. …well said…how would I know??? I was THERE, aboard the USS NEW JERSEY, {BB-62}…I remember like yesterday when the USMC Barracks was attacked…our dropping 16″ shells into the Lebanese hills…we didn’t make any difference at all…

  20. You can rant all you want about Morell but you had the audacity to link to a site which is bullshit who linked to judicial watch who has no credibility and then you try to justify it. You cant make this shit up. Next you are going to have leak documents that a US marine division was ready to go in that very second. Oops I forgot you tried that one already. Carry on

  21. I saw something, now was it an actually document? I doubt it seeing where it came from
    Okay…so you’re going with the fraudulent docs claim, right?

    Do you think the NY Times was also making false claims when they reported that Sidney Blumenthal sent HRC an email two days after the Benghazi attack saying something pretty similar to the doc obtained by JW from the DIA?

    “The next day, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton a more thorough account of what had occurred. Citing “sensitive sources” in Libya, the memo provided extensive detail about the episode, saying that the siege had been set off by members of Ansar al-Shariah, the Libyan terrorist group. Those militants had ties to Al Qaeda, had planned the attacks for a month and had used a nearby protest as cover for the siege, the memo said.”

  22. According to this article it said on pages 200 to 203 supports that Blumenthal sent an email saying an attack was planned. IT SAID NO FUKING SUCH THING!!!!
    The email/memo was describing PM Morsi of Egypt describing how certain Islamic org or to keep it simple for you terrorist was trying to destabilize his government at the time and he wanted to coordinate with the Libyan government to prevent attacks against his own country. Sheesh do you even read what you post?

  23. Charlie, We know what happened. The Embassy begged for more security and their pleas were ignored. It did not fit with Obama’s narrative that terrorism was in check. When incompetent people are in charge in this circumstance, people die.
    djchefron would not agree even if you put the dead on his front porch !

  24. One more thing the author of this bovine excrement Michael S. Schmidt, the New York Times reporter who broke the original Hillary Clinton email story on Monday evening (yes, the one that’s already been dismantled)

    Said on twitter its all about Benghazi

    Michael S. Schmidt
    ✔ ‎@MichaelSSchmidt
    hrc and state made it appear like request for emails from her was about recording keeping, but it was about benghazi

    And there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth…it’s all about Benghazi.

    Thank you for clearing that up, Michael.

    Here’s the thing though: There’s nothing in his latest piece that factually establishes that the real, secret reason for the State Department’s request for Hillary’s emails was due to the tragedy that occurred in September 2012. He merely insinuates it with little evidence, which is something he was already good at.
    Just pathetic


    One more time for the memory of the dead people you are spitting on. RIP

    When my old boss came up to me one day and did his normal delusional R rant on Benghazi as I rolled my eyes at him I cut him off at one point when he said they faked the ARB.

    I said the ADMIRAL? And the Ambassador?

    He shut up and stuttered when he talked to me after that. I ALWAYS won.

    One time he left me a one inch thick spew fest of RWNJ printouts on Hillary. It was utterly ugly lies. He came back a few days later looking for it. I shrugged.

    Disposed of where it belonged.


  26. When incompetent people are in charge in this circumstance, people die.

    You really and truly so stupid I am surprised that you know what a computer is

    Over 3000 died after an intelligence report told Bush an attack was imminent. And what was his response?
    Ron Suskind, George W. Bush and the Aug. 6, 2001, PDB

    Bush to briefer: “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

    Moreover, it has been reported that Bush received other warnings before the August 6, 2001 PDB about desired or planned Al Qaeda attacks against the U.S. These include warnings on June 20 and July 24, 2001.

  27. Jimmy said: The Embassy begged for more security and their pleas were ignored.

    What embassy? The embassy is in tripoli, the consulate in benghazi, the CIA annex was in Benghazi.

    What Embassy? Tripoli?

    Read the ARB, you are an idiot. And calling DJ a POS doesn’t make you less of an idiot.

    You are still yelling EMBASSY. IDIOT.

  28. “Linkman”, as soon as I post a source you say it is not credible, like you are the decider of what sources are credible. Other embassies pulled their people out due to security concerns, or did you not know that either.
    Always bring up Bush ! Where was the attach to be? How? When? I’m sure Obama would have known. lol
    ISIS is growing by the day and he does nothing. Watch what happens with that strategy Mr. dj !

  29. You have no idea who ISIS is because you are ignorant. But it has been posted here if you cared to read it but I doubt that you did because well, you are just ignorant. Now unless you want me to kick you to the curb you will provide that link without any other bullshit

  30. @jimmyk

    After 7 investigations AND the Republican committee report, which took 2 years to complete, finding THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE indicating that HRC was totally responsible for what happened in Benghazi, you actually have the gall to claim that “djchefron would not agree even if you put the dead on his front porch !”

    Any report, either from the House or the Senate, now, laying all the blame at Clinton feet, is completely suspect because conservative, like you, will accept nothing that even hints at clearing her name. And every time a new conspiracy theory is debunked, your heads explode. I expect that we will be hearing all this garbage for the next 50 years.

    Go talk to the hand, thats the only thing that is going to listen to you.

  31. djchefron
    Wed, May 27th, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    I’ll just quote Wilford Brimley in Absence of Malice:

    “Wonderful thing, subpoenas.”

    There may not be a fire yet, but dang, the smoke is getting pretty thick.

  32. Damn that must be a lot of smoke since this shit has been going on for 3 years and counting and still nothing

  33. Patricia, Just because you are not guilty does not mean you have been completely responsible in your duties. Embassies are considered sovereign territory. It was not protected.
    Not only were those public servants murdered, Hillary told the families that the “video” was responsible after she knew that was not the case.( I know you will refute ) I find it extremely reprehensible. Amazing so many people are just fine with that situation.

  34. It wasn’t an Embassy you window licking cretin!

    Get it right!

    And when are you going to provide Dj with that link you claimed to have?

    If you were any denser you’d collapse into a singularity.

  35. For the last time dumbass our embassy is in Libya is in Tripoli. Now can you find it on a map? BTW where is that link at?

  36. dj, I have no idea who ISIS is? You are a piece of work. The other day somebody mentioned William Ayers and you responded “you do not know who Ayers is!”. Do you think people’s fingers just type this stuff by accident. Is that what you consider an argument.
    The point is Obama’s Middle East terrorist policy is a disaster. Countries have been asking for arms to help THEIR people fight and he isn’t even doing that. But these are only innocent humans being burned, beheaded and such. Including woman and children for God’s sake ! Do libs hate humanity?

  37. Moonbeam, You can play semantics all you want. Does not change the disaster it was and Americans lost their lives needlessly for a political ideology. About 29%(real clear politics since you will ask) of the population think America is on the right track. That means a GOP victory in 2016! People are sick of the lies, incompetency, and failed “changes”.
    djchefron says he can read. If he wants to explore more than the far left he can. Come on in, the waters fine !

  38. Oh sure thing there Slimyk keep telling yourself all the right wing lies to comfort you in your delusions.
    But the fact that Hillary is outpolling your own ‘best’, indicates to me that folks like you are on the way out.

    And I call upon you once again to provide DJ with that link you’re so steadfastly choosing to ignore.

  39. No I did not. What I said was when AYERS did what he was accused with the President was 5 years old so he didn’t know Ayers at the time.

    Of course you would no nothing about ISIS because you are ignorant who on top of that a liar.
    WASHINGTON — Weapons sales by the United States tripled in 2011 to a record high, driven by major arms sales to Persian Gulf allies concerned about Iran’s regional ambitions, according to a new study for Congress.

    Overseas weapons sales by the United States totaled $66.3 billion last year, or more than three-quarters of the global arms market, valued at $85.3 billion in 2011.

    BTW the last time we armed people was in Afghanistan in the 80’s. Ask the people at the world trade center how that worked out

  40. Do you really think America cares if it a diplomatic compound, a U.S. Consulate or an Embassy. It does not change the truth.
    Screw your links-not playing your game. Everybody who posts a link the first thing you do is discredit the link. READ BOTH SIDES DUMBASS !!

  41. So you are a conspiracy nut who thinks the U.S. knew the passenger jet was going to fly into the WTC?
    In 2016 I will still be a conservative ( we believe in the Constitution, American exceptionalism , liberty, freedom, and those principles the country was founded on) and you will still be looking for a liberal socialist to transform us into a country in decline.
    I care about my kids and grandkids and wish
    the far left did too.

  42. Dumbass that’s not what she is saying. The only thing exceptional about you is your ignorance. Freedom, liberty and justice for all LOL You sound like a comic book

  43. @jimmyk, you really should do two things with your life, A- stop watching FUX NEWS B- get some anger management treatment!? I can just imagine your puffed up BRIGHT RED pasty face blowing a gasket over the internet!? @jimmyk, @jimmyk, are YOU one of those??? A ANGRY WHITE republican MALE?? lighten up tiger, we all know how brave you are- OVER THE INTERNET!! lol

  44. And what interpretation of the Constitution do you ascribe to? The Republican one, or the actual one? And please don’t insult any of our intelligences by saying they’re the same; do you support the Constitution the Founding Fathers penned, that allowed neither negroes nor women the vote and permitted slavery? Or the Constitution that somehow defines a militia as a pack of disorganised yokels who think that patriotism is shooting at representatives of the Constitutionally elected government, rather than as being under the direct control of the Congress, for the purposes of enforcing law as per Article I, section 8 as the Founding Fathers wrote? Or maybe the one that ignores the separation of Church and state that the original document stated repeatedly? You know, the one written by Republican Moses or Jesus, depending on which part of Texas you’re from…

    So, which version do you feel like embracing?

  45. Jim the idiot says above:

    About 29%(real clear politics since you will ask) of the population think America is on the right track. That means a GOP victory in 2016! People are sick of the lies, incompetency, and failed “changes”.

    They are not saying they are happy with Rs, idiot. They are unhappy with congress, as always – both sides.

    The Rs have low approval ratings, idiot.

    The people are fed up, have been for a long time, but you can be certain of one thing, idiot: When they put Jeb up there on a pedestal, there will be lots of Rs holding their noses from the stink.

  46. Separation of church and state is nothing more than not letting the government dictate which religion YOU must follow. It has nothing to do with praying by individuals in schools, etc.

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