Bernie Sanders Predicts He Will Win The Democratic Nomination And Be The Next President

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders predicted on ABC’s This Week that he will win Iowa, New Hampshire, the Democratic nomination, and be the next president of the United States.


ABC US News | World News

During an interview on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) made series of bold predictions:

We are going to win New Hampshire. We are going to win Iowa, and I think we are going to win the Democratic nomination, and I think we’re going to win the presidency.

And I’ll tell you why, George, the American people are sick and tired of seeing the disappearance of the great middle class of this country. They’re sick and tired of working longer hour for lower wages while at the same time 99 percent of all new income generated is going to the top 1 percent and the top one-tenth of 1 percent now owns almost as much as wealth as the bottom 90 percent.

George, we have seen in the last 30 years a massive shift in wealth and income from ordinary Americans to the richest people in this country and the American people are saying, ‘Enough is enough.’ We need to create an economy that works for all of us and not just a handful of billionaires.

No political candidate is going to say that he/she has no chance of winning, but the confident attitude of Sen. Sanders is increasing justified by the size of the crowds coming out to support him, the millions of dollars he is raising from small donors, and the gains that he is making in the polls.

The reason Sanders has seen such a surge is that he is the only candidate in either party who is addressing the anger and angst of non-wealthy Americans. Hillary Clinton is talking about programs to rebuild the middle-class. Republicans are dropping the words middle and class into all of their speeches as if they are the secret passwords needed to gain entry into the White House, but only Bernie Sanders is expressing the emotions and feelings of those who have been battered by the Great Recession.

People are hurting, and they are angry at an unfair system that is blocking economic advancement for most for the benefit of the few at the top.

Bernie Sanders is speaking to and for those people, and this is why a small Senate very liberal senator has become a serious threat to business as usual in Washington.

50 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Predicts He Will Win The Democratic Nomination And Be The Next President”

  1. You maybe expect him to tell the truth … something like “I don’t have a snowball’s chance”??

    Which he doesn’t. It’s not about who would make the best POTUS, it is about who would make the best *electable* POTUS. That’s not Bernie, as sad as that might be.

  2. I will only believe that if somehow he could outdo President Obama in getting a liberal Senate and House to suddenly become liberal. Otherwise, this ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Most of the Hillary-supporting affluent Democrats will talk about things like the need for better domestic infrastructure, but when it comes down to it, they are more concerned about their own investment portfolios than any meaningful change in the country’s normative model. The corporate oligarchy isn’t working, and it never will meet the majority’s needs. Sanders gets it, and the other candidates on both sides of the aisle don’t.

  4. His surprisingly rightwing stance on sensible gun control aside, I like Bernie Sanders. But I don’t believe he’ll be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

    And even if that, by some miracle, should happen, I fear for our country and President Obama’s policies, because a President Sanders might be a feel good win for Leftists and Socialists in this country, but it would be a major loss for the rest of us who actually want our government to do something positive for the American people.

    Without a socialist Congress, a President Sanders would have to either compromise a la Obama (and draw the wrath of purist leftists, just as it happened to Obama) or he’ll stand on his principles and get nothing done for four years. It would then be propagandized as Democratic Party failure to govern, and a Republican would most certainly deny a President Sanders a second term.

    Let us not forget: Bernie Sanders has very few friends in Congress. Without their help, he’ll be made a lame-duck…

  5. What with the use of “signing statements” that the twit from crawford used to subvert legislation Bernie could do a lot.
    After the ’16 election the Senate will probably return to the D’s.
    The problem will be having a corporatist republicrat like schumer as majority leader will make that difficult but not impossible.

  6. One of the issues I’ve not heard much about from Bernie Sander’s is his stance on foreign policies. Given his stance on Israel, I would like to know more about how he would achieve a peaceful resolution to the Israel/Palestine quagmire.

  7. I respectfully disagree.
    Bernie Sanders is a leader. Unlike President Obama, he is not beholden to Corporate Americansc (who wrote the ACA and the TPP?). Bernie Sanders will have the guts to go on TV and tell the American people the truth and to ask for their help. He will call out the Congressional and corporate blackmailers and – speaking for myself now – I will respond. Many of us would take to the streets for Bernie Sanders…unfortunately President Obama nave had this kind of following. I like President Obama by the way but, he was too tied in to the Democratic party to be successful or effective. The Democrats have done to him what they did to Jimmy Carter. The RNC and DNC are corporate hacks and depend on their financing via the 1% . Bernie has an excellent chance of taking the country by storm:-)

  8. As an “affluent” Democrat I call bull sh!t on this. I care deeply about education for everyone, infrastructure all over the US (not just imby) and about saving what is left of our wild places by whatever means necessary. He sounds great on paper and in speeches but there is NO WAY in hell he can pull the weight Clinton can in the states that need to turn blue in the Senate and House. If Sanders could do this I would vote for him but he can’t. Sorry, he’d make a superb VP and pull Clinton left, that’s about all I can give him unless I see some support down ticket.

  9. Excellent points and the main reason I canto support him. He has nothing to bring to the down ticket races and those we need almost as badly as a DEM pres.

  10. Sanders is getting a bit cocky. He needs to wait and see. So far, the Democrats are holding back entering the Presidential race. Maybe they are too busy laughing at the clowns running on the other side. I’ll wait and see

  11. If everyone who wanted Bernie to be President would simply vote for him, he WOULD be electable.
    Don’t nominate for who is electable, nominate for who you WANT to be the president.

    Your reasoning is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    If he doesn’t get the nomination, we will have plenty of time to get our clothespins out and vote for Hillary.
    Feel the Bern 2016

  12. As an affluent democrat I support Bernie. Clinton is owned by special interests and Aipac. Bernie is a breath of fresh air and I agree with 95% of what he says. He has my support and vote.

  13. People just need to be educated – many haven’t heard of Bernie Sanders. They should check the internet. Compare Bernie Sanders consistent and faithful history and experience when it comes to protecting the middle class. In Vermont, he even had the respect of millionaires with Hillary Clinton. Clinton has no history or experience fighting for the middle-class. Unfortunately, like Obama, Clinton, and all the Republican candidates, they are more concerned about their legacy and not really concerned about the 99% they represent.

    Once people read everything they need to know about Bernie Sanders, they will agree it’s about time for a drastic change. We tried the trickle down stuff for too many years; let’s try the trickle up. Bernie will talk about jobs and growing the American economy. No one else is having that talk. If Hillary wins the nomination, I will vote for her

    Vote Bernie Sanders in 2016 for a positive future!

  14. Give him credit, he’s not backing down. He knows full well that it’s an uphill climb against Hillary.

    Not to mention that he has used his platform to focus on what he cares about: The economic chasm between the rich and the poor. I’m sure that he will mention other key things down the road, but it is refreshing to see a nominee focus on issues that affect us at home rather then fearmongering.

  15. If enough people vote for him, he is “electable”.

    So, instead of saying he can’t be elected, just vote for the guy…….and vote for YOUR best interests for the first time in your life.

  16. To the nay-sayers here, I suggest you go over to and take their ‘questionaire’ as to who YOU agree with among the declared ( and some not, at least not yet ) presidential candidates, by their policy positions; and not who by personality or media buzz. It’s totally ‘blind’, and you won’t know until the questions are completed who YOUR candidate is.
    It does take some time, if done comprehensively ( which I did ). Many of you will be surprised. I have a feeling that many already Bernie supporters will come away with even more conviction after taking the ‘test’

  17. Remember this too: We would have had a President Gore without the Repuke jury-rigging in 2000 in the general, and we would have had a President Dean without the Repuke caucus jumping in Iowa in 2004.
    The main reason we have President Obama is because there was an open field in BOTH parties in 2008.

    In 2016, No one is inevitable …not as a winner OR a loser. Watch as someone in the ‘R’ circus adopts policies and rhetoric closer to Bernie ( probably Rand Paul ) as the primaries and ‘debates’ approach, as Hillary has already started. The more Bernie talks and communicates his message, the more it will be reflected in focus groups and polls.
    Think for a minute ….What meme is gaining traction now ? It’s Bernie’s “the Billionaire class”, while the rest…all of them, are spouting empty platitudes about ‘the Middle class’.
    People, enough of them, have heard that all before; and they ain’t buying that dog food that the dog won’t eat anymore.

  18. ICH, Your comments are most intelligent!
    Check This:
    “Democrats Swoon for Sanders”

    “Now we confront the nature of the Clinton campaign. It is fueled by determination rather than passion. There’s nothing romantic to it, aside from its historical significance as the vehicle for the first female presidency — a factor not to be underestimated in November but less powerful now. Her steady-as-you-go campaign is the political equivalent of the line from the English novelist George Meredith that, a generation ago, was emblazoned on thousands of trivets hanging on kitchen walls, tacked against the rice wallpaper: “Kissing don’t last, cookery do.”

  19. They will try to Steal 2016. Because they know they can’t win anymore!

    Kranky wrote:
    “We would have had a President Gore without the Repuke jury-rigging in 2000”

    Let us be prepared next time to take it to the streets. Streets all across America!
    Like they did in Montreal:

  20. No way the deep state will ever, ever allow a Sanders presidency. If the voting machines are not properly “adjusted” there will be a lone gunman somewhere.

  21. This is just another ploy by Republicans to convince people that Bernie will win so they will DEFEAT Hillary in the primary, which is their only hope of winning the presidency. They pulled the same thing in 2008 to get their followers to vote for Barack Obama in all of the open primaries. They know that they don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell if she wins. You may not remember that all of the radio radicals were telling their “people” to be sure to vote for Barack Obama in the primary because there was no way in Hell Americans would elect a black man to be president of the United States and that was the only way to defeat Hillary. Their little scheme backfired and we elected one of the greatest presidents in my lifetime and that’s been since Eisenhower. I see new pages on FB all the time now created just to DEFEAT HILLARY! I see headquarters with signs DEFEAT HILLARY! not vote for Bernie. Why do you think they are so scared? Just look at their lineup! Bernie can’t beat GOP machi…

  22. I disagree with your assertion that Bernie Sanders is not electable. The vast majority of Americans are tired of politicians who are bought and controlled by the 1%. Most Americans agree that the bankers need to be taken down a notch, and that the average person should be able to survive on a 40-hour work week. In fact, if you go through his positions, you’ll find that the majority of Americans agree with Bernie Sanders on almost all of them.
    We have a chance to elect a President who is finally on the side of the average person, and if we don’t do that, we deserve to get screwed.

  23. Absolutely. It is all over and I remember Op.chaos from 08 too. I watched it happen at the polls. People are talking about it for months now. People here fall for troll droppings and prop them up.

    It isn’t going to work Hillary has 75% nationally.

    Just research some of the people who make positive Bernie comments – they also post all the time at R sites praising Rs and laughing about “supporting bernie” as a trick. But you all fall for their lies that are designed to help the GOP win. They love to pull this crap every 4 years. This guy has links to some of it going on now.

  24. I wonder how you can say President Obama hasn’t been effective? Give examples. I’ve got 291 accomplishments if you’d like them.

  25. That’s nonsense. If the Repukes had an incumbent, or ONE dominant candidate with a few also-rans then it might have some validity. Your revisionism for 2008 is palpable. More tripe. The PUMA’s were Hillary diehards, NOT Repuke plants.
    I lost more than a few old friends when I went from Kucinich to Obama toward the end of the primaries. Still voted for DK in my late primary, though it was hopeless.

    IF Bernie is nominated, NO asshat Republican can beat him and his message…AND, he will bring in a Democratic majority that damn well better listen to the PEOPLE, through him.

    If Hillary is nominated, it’s less than 50/50 that she’s elected. Her ‘unfavorable’/’untrustworthy’ ratings are right alongside the corporatist Repukes. Yeah, she might get lucky and face a firebreathing lunatic or a dimwit like Cruz or Trump; but if it’s a boring Bush, a populist Paul, or a flaming moron like Walker…she’ll lose.

    Bernie Sanders wins. Against anybody.

  26. Note the routine first post on every forum. I like Bernie Sanders but they have paid me to write only Hillary can win. Why always the first couple of posts, paid professional corporate PR trolls, monitoring all forums to put that message only to be denied by the the majority of posts by real people with real opinion.
    Hillarie’s dogs, they only way they can win is by spending more than a billions dollars on lies, how truly lame.

  27. Juan Madero here said he supports Rand Paul. You are also a R, clearly.

    You will be praised for attacking Hillary here. They toss her a bone and they attack her supporters just like you do.

    Can you say Madame President? Can you say Clinton Two Point O?

    Bernie. Sanders. Beats Bush/Rubio and the Koch bros and Fox TV. With no democratic party support and no super pac! You keep saying that stuff – nobody believes it.

    Hillary had more votes than Obama in the 08 primary. And she only had a small percent of the party backing her then. Now she has the whole party except for the few fringe.

    You are what we are talking about above.

    You fool the fools.

  28. On the scroll on the video above it says 91% of non-whites support Hillary and 3% would back Sanders.

    George asks him about that. He says he will win them over. So when Obama campaigns for Hillary later on that 91 percent she has already will leave her. For Bernie.

    Too funny.

    My dem club had one Escalade pull up and an angry old rich white guy who was dumb as dirt gets out – and he is a huge Bernie fan.

    He ruined the meeting and everybody rolled their eyes at him. He was very concerned about money. Only. All about cash. We were discussing voter registration and getting out the vote for down ticket folks. He was yelling about Wall Street. The guy in the big ass caddy!


  29. Any evidence to support your claim, Robert?

    Perhaps we support Hillary because we want the Democrats to win in 2016 and know that a 74 year-old self-identified socialist is not going to beat the Republican candidate.

  30. The problem with progressives it seems, the last mid term election is an example, they only vote in presidential elections and then stay at home the next four years. I like Bernie Sanders, I’ve been following and listening to him for over a decade now, but if elected then what? There is more than one branch of government folks. How can he get anything through “Congress” if it looks like the one we have today. Get off your lazy asses and pay attention more than once every four years.

  31. I don’t dislike Sanders and, in fact, agree with much of what he has to say, but I’m sorry. To be truthfully honest, I just don’t see us electing a disheveled-looking old man to be our next POTUS.

    Hillary is our best hope. Like her or don’t ANYBODY is better than a Republican. Be careful what you ask for. You might just get it.

    If that sounds bad and I’m sure it does to many, sorry, but it’s the inconvenient truth. He just doesn’t stand a chance and WE as a country don’t stand a chance, should another Republican get elected to the highest office in the land. Just my take.

  32. The democratic base and corporate America is not going to let that happen. Hillary Clinton has nothing to fear. She will get the nomination. She is Wall Street and corporate America friendly. She is very pro business. Don’t let any campaign talk fool you. Bernie sanders is none of that and has absolute zero chance of getting the nomination. His goal is to pull Hillary Clinton to the left. Once in office she will go to the center. Bernie sanders would stay true to his convictions and that is his downfall.

  33. I do not agree with you. I am a Democrat, my husband is a Republican. My Republican husband now agrees with me that Bernie Sanders should be our next President. So vote however your conscience leads you, but I do believe you will be in for the surprise of your life.

  34. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Don’t get me wrong I NEVER imagined I would pick a man vs. a woman. But his record and commitment to the “little people” has blown me away.

  35. Staying true to his convictions is his downfall? Well that is a new one … we cannot elect a President with convictions because big brother won’t let it happen. Well, big brother may be buying candidates but big brother is not in the voting booth.

  36. I do not believe any republican candidate will win the election. American cannot be that stupid. But my second choice is Hillary. And I believe that she has the greatest experience of anyone that has ran for the presidency. But her record against Bernie’s just is not as good.

  37. You have no idea how powerful the grass roots really are. Bernie Sanders scares the hell out of the status quo. This is why they are pulling anything out of their collective asses to say Bernie doesn’t stand a chance. Bernie Sanders is very electable. Possibly more electable than any other candidate from either party. Feel the Bern.

  38. John, I wish you were correct but I know you’re not. If Sanders is the Democratic nominee he’d do worse than McGovern. McGovern (who I worked for) won DC and Massachusetts. Sanders would win DC only.

  39. How do you know I am not correct? Sanders is surging, Hillary is floundering, and the republicans have no viable candidates. The demographics in out nation are changing at a breakneck speed and the media, which is wholly owned by 6 right-wing leaning corporations are desperately trying to sell the propaganda that Bernie Sanders is unelectable. It sounds to me like you’re buying this propaganda.

  40. Andy I believe you are basically correct, however I could possibly see sanders carrying three states and DC. Hillary Clinton will have the entire establishment behind her. And yes money means almost everything, she will have at least a billion dollars to spend maybe double that. The people on this blog are probably the only people who truly believe sanders will be the next president.

  41. John, I wish you were correct but I doubt very much that you are. How do I know? 55 years of political experience. Republicans have several huge advantages 1-unlimited money, 2-appeals to fear, which are often successful, 3- the fact that they currently dominate the House, Senate, Governorships and the Supreme Court. It will take everything going right for the Dems to win in 2016. I can just see the Rethugs screaming “Bernie is old and senile” and “Bernie is a socialist and wants to take all your hard-earned money”. Like it or not, those tactics will work as they have worked in the past (see McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry).

  42. Nope. That’s just called ‘playing to win’…It’s essentially a declaration of his commitment to his presidential bid…There were rumors a while back that he was running simply to move the ‘conversation’ to the left and that he wasn’t in it to win necessarily

  43. So nothing is ever going to change ever? How do you get out of bed in the mornings? All this nay-saying drives me nuts! Vote your conscience in the primaries…the end…The primaries are where you can safely take your chances…Vote for whoever wins the primaries in the general…It really IS that easy


  44. It would be a disaster if Bernie, by some miracle, won the Dem. nomination. This country won’t vote for some old coot who is very unattractive and would be a laughing stock with foreign leaders. If Bernie won the nomination, say hello to a repug presidency and goodbye to the Supreme Court.

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