You’re Fired: NBC Finally Dumps Donald Trump


Public pressure finally became too much for NBC as the network finally did the right thing and dumped Donald Trump from The Apprentice and won’t televise the beauty pageants that he owns.

NBC announced via a statement that they are dropping Trump:

At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.

Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.

To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC.

In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in “The Apprentice” on NBC.

“Celebrity Apprentice” is licensed from Mark Burnett’s United Artists Media Group and that relationship will continue.

Trump will almost certainly threaten to sue NBC over their decision to drop Miss USA and Miss Universe, but after Trump had called all Latinos rapists, the network had no choice.

The question for NBC is what took so long? As soon as Trump made the statement about Mexicans being rapists at his campaign announcement, the network should have dropped him on the spot. Instead, NBC showed that money counts more than morals by dragging their feet and riding out the storm.

NBC eventually had to dump Trump because he has called Mexicans and later Latinos rapists on a regular basis. Donald Trump understands the connection between racism and the Republican presidential polls. The more racist rhetoric Trump throws out there, the higher his poll numbers go.

The network deserves zero praise for having to be pressured into making the right choice. Trump is gone, and he is about to take a hit in the wallet thanks to NBC not televising his pageants.

UPDATE: Trump is already threatening to sue NBC:

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  1. yeah yeah… you can sue anyone for anything… the trick is can you win…

    when does the whining start about being persecuted for exercising his free speech rights?

  2. Yes, NBC drug their feet on firing his ass. But the cake still goes to the Racists of America to get their own shit in gear…

  3. In a way this is a good thing. See with him being fired will give him a boost with the bigots and racist of America. That might push him into the debates where the rest of the clown car will have to agree with him or feel the wrath of the knuckle draggers.

    Whoever comes out of that debacle will turn off the majority of voters. The republican poo-bahs are not happy right now

  4. Trump will not even get a peso.

    He blatantly violated the Moral Turpitude clause.

    ALL major TV contracts have one.

  5. You cannot fault NBC for waiting a few days to discuss this with their executives. Not only does Trump take a hit but NBC now will have to still pay Trump the remainder of his contract with NBCUninversal. I do not fault them at all for discussing it first, that’s good business practice. And I do agree, NBC did the right thing and I will continue to watch programing from the peacock as I usually do. Que in the NBC Chimes…..

  6. Great… A presidential runner who…if he wins…comes into the White House Oval Office with two Lawsuits…under his belt… Wonderful!

  7. You’re right, “The republican poo-bahs are not happy right now”, but the Rabid Rs in my building are salivating that The Donald is going to take the nomination and then crush Hillary. We have a nurse come every Tuesday morning to take residents’ blood pressure. I think she’ll be really busy tomorrow.

  8. ——“Donald Trump understands the connection between racism and the Republican presidential polls. The more racist rhetoric Trump throws out there, the higher his poll numbers go.”——

    REPEAT…”The more racist rhetoric Trump throws out there, the higher his poll numbers go.” What does that tell you about where THE MAJORITY of Republicans’ feelings and thoughts are? They LOVE the Racial talk and minority bashing. They eat that $#it up. So no wonder its music to their ears when Trump talks in his DAWG whistle style. And then switches and doubles down on his bigoted racist views to the applause of the Republicaneers.
    Anyway. The talk finally bit him in the you know where and will certainly hurt his bottom line. That’s when it will really, really hurt him, enough to shut him up. Let’s see how he looks and feels after this. Wonder if it will take the wind out of his Presidential aspirations?

  9. Maybe Trump should take his pageant and TV show to another network where they would be appreciated and be viewed by a more suitable target audience.

    Might I suggest Palin’s cable network and its ginormous viewership.

  10. Agree with you on most of post, but this blowhard will never give up. He really believes HE, is the answer to all problems.

  11. HE, can feel all he wants.

    But until he faces the fact that he is part and parcel of the problems he claims to want to solve…he won’t be taken seriously by a majority of the voters.

    Only a buffoon is unwilling to face the possibility that he is a buffoon.

  12. Good bye and good riddance now TLC get rid of those nasty baby abusing duggars and no more palins with their loose morals.

  13. I cannot believe there is even one person in this country that supports Donald Trump for President.

    Honestly, have we lost what’s left of our collective mind?

  14. I’d cut NBC some slack on timing… Probably wise to spend some time with their lawyers to figure out if they could be liable from Trump.

  15. I’m pretty sure Hillary has a birth certificate…so there isn’t much else for the duck to say. Bubb bye. This pretty much ensures the clown car will crash without a driver. :(

  16. WE NEED TRUMP, we are deep in everything… Trump has the (00) two ideas needed to grab this bull by the horns… I do not care about NBC and their crap… forget them.. is this country situation what matters, how do we get back up?… Trump knows how to make money and generate jobs… Lots of Hispanic do bring drugs, prostitution, take our jobs, brake the laws…, they can go to their Countries and live happy there…its not like they do not have an option.. its about the USA SITUATION. I am a legal resident from Costa Rica living in the USA, I want this country back on its feet.

  17. Cant wait for the debate to see who out-assholes the other – Rump or Christie. Both of whom surround themselves with “yes people” and cant take criticism without attacking the “no”bearer.

  18. Just a side thought.

    Anyone seen the articles about the guy who was “outraged” at his local NBC station because they changed their logo to “gay rainbow colors?” This moron has GOT to be a Republican.

    I almost fell off my chair laughing. Like that peacock has NEVER been multicolored! Maybe he just bought his first color TV?

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