Exclusive Video Of The Historic 10,000+ Crowd At Bernie Sanders Madison Rally

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PoliticusUSA shot exclusive video of the crowd as Bernie Sanders announced that he had made history and attracted the biggest crowd of any 2016 presidential candidate.


Sanders said, “Tonight we have made a little bit of history. Tonight, we have more people at a meeting for a candidate for president of the United States than any other candidate …Thank you.”

The Sanders campaign has confirmed that the crowd was a record by quoting the Associated Press estimate of 10,000 attendees. PoliticusUSA can independently confirm that there were 10,000 people inside the event and scores more who had to listen to Sen. Sanders speak on speakers that were set up outside of the venue.
Sanders received 13,000 RSVPs for his event, and he nearly doubled the previous high for any 2016 presidential candidate.

Anyone who didn’t believe that the candidacy of Bernie Sanders was for real was given a 10,000 person reality check in Madison.

21 Replies to “Exclusive Video Of The Historic 10,000+ Crowd At Bernie Sanders Madison Rally”

  1. I’m getting such a kick out of Bernie! He is really proving to the other candidates that their Super PAC money can only go so far. Without the support of the American people, not one of them can win. His only real opponent is Hillary. There’s not one GOP candidate who has what it takes to compete with him.

  2. I was not there, & therefore, I humbly suck.
    However, if Bernie Sanders…can get…Lewis Black…on the ticket, I will be there next time and…every time.

  3. If Hillary really wants a chance….she should make an announcement that she is dropping SuperPAC/banker money & rely on regular working class peoples donations.

    She will never do that. Tells you everything you need to know about her…..she doesnt trust the people to elect her on merit alone.

  4. I cannot imagine any republican getting a crowd like this, I keep chuckling just thinking of Santorum with his one person!

    Why do the pundits keep saying Bernie cannot win?

  5. Lewis Black, the comedian? As VP? Probably not, but how about as ambassador to the Soviet…err Russia? “Vladimir, you suck!”

  6. It isn’t historic and it is not as the other thread says record breaking – not by a long shot. Obama had 75,000 at rallies and often had 20,000 or more in 2007 by February 2007! This is June 4 months comparatively later. Presidential election crowds are often over 10,000. Not a big deal to anyone but those grasping straws.


    btw, even with big crowds Hillary got more votes in the primary and she did just fine with all her rallies in 07 and 08 as well. Let’s see his national numbers come anywhere up over Biden at least before you issue superlatives about him. Ok? No, sadly, you will continue to amuse.

  7. You can try to down play Bernie all you want, The people listen to him and are showing up, why? Because he is plain speaking, he isn’t a newby and he knows what can work. He has done it in Burlington Vermont. You think if you bash him then others will follow, sorry for your lack of intelligence, The people are listening to him and they agree with every thing that he says. REVOLUTION!!

  8. Ah, yes, here you come, once again, to rain on Sen. Sanders parade. You just cannot resist.

    I have said that if SoS Clinton won the nomination I would vote for her. I have asked you several times that if Sen. Sanders won the nomination would you do the same for him? You have never answered that question.

    So, I am asking you again, if Sen. Sanders wins the nomination would you vote for him in the general election?

  9. Clearly you can’t read because it says the biggest crowd of any 2016 candidate. Obama is not a 2016 candidate, duh! People know more about Hillary than Bernie because of her husband and the media, but Bernie’s huge crowd shows he’s making great progress (without the media on his side) What is your point coming here and making a negative comment about something positive? Plus, Obama drew big crowds in big cities like New York Bernie has not been there yet. GIVE IT TIME DEMON!

  10. Ignore the troll. Donate to Bernie and tell your friends. Share the youtube link to the 13,000 ( yes, 13K …3K had to listen outdoors ) in Madison.
    We can bypass the media of ignorance and controlled stupidity …and we have the tools to do it. We don’t need them.
    All of you talented and undervalued now must step up and show a dumbed-down, race-to-the-bottom America what a MOVEMENT really is !

    Think BIG !

  11. I think Rin is a paid troll for the right wingers. The sole purpose of Rin’s trolling is to try to divide the progressives and liberals so the republicans can win. This troll doesn’t seem to think that we progressives and liberals can stay united so he/she/it will try to chip away. This effort on Rin’s part will be an epic failure when Bernie is inaugurated in January 2017 and the Democratic-controlled Congress sworn in due to Bernie’s long coattails. Americans have had it with the status quo.

  12. Because social media is a powerhouse of getting the grassroots message out, and Bernie Sanders has mastered the use of social media. Social media is the key to defeating the big money candidates and neutralizing Citizens United.

  13. the best cure for no more bushes, no more clintons?


    i’m 80 and am asking the lord to let me hang around so i can vote one more time as we make history.

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