Fox News In Disarray As Their Own Viewers Support Donald Trump Over Megyn Kelly


The real reason Fox News gave in decided to play nice with Donald Trump is that they were flooded with criticism from their viewers after Megyn Kelly went after the top Republican candidate.

Donald Trump returned to Fox and Friends this morning, where he was given his usual diet of Charmin fresh softballs to ramble on about. What was interesting about his appearance was that it even happened. Trump’s return to Fox marked a complete capitulation by the network after they tried to run him off of the stage during the first Republican debate.

After Fox News had tried to ruin Trump’s candidacy during the debate, they were stunned by a viewer rebellion where Fox News watchers took the side of Trump over the network’s prized big star Megyn Kelly.

New York Magazine detailed the unexpected Fox News viewers rebellion:

According to two high-level Fox sources, Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network. Immediately following Thursday’s debate, Fox was deluged with pro-Trump emails. The chatter on Twitter was equally in Trump’s favor. “In the beginning, virtually 100 percent of the emails were against Megyn Kelly,” one Fox source, who was briefed on the situation, told me. “Roger was not happy. Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump’s side.”

Things got worse for Ailes over the weekend. In a phone conversation, Trump told Sean Hannity that “he was never doing Fox again,” according to one person with knowledge of the call. The anti-Kelly emails, and threat of a boycott by Trump, seem to have pushed Ailes to defuse the war. One Fox personality told me that Fox producers gave instructions to tell in-house talent not to bring up Trump’s controversial comments that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” during the debate. According to one count, Fox only aired Trump’s comment once since Friday, while CNN mentioned it at least 50 times.

In recent days, Ailes got a glimpse of what a Trump-less Fox News would look like. On Sunday, Trump called in to the four other public-affairs shows; this morning he gave interviews to Today and Morning Joe. Inside Fox, this was alarming. “This thing with Megyn got way ahead of Roger and bigger than he must have thought,” one Fox personality said. “Roger wants this to blow over,” another source added. “He’s upset that conservatives are mad at Fox.” Online, Ailes also took flak. Both the Drudge Report and Breitbart News carried pro-Trump headlines.

If Fox News ever lost the backing of conservatives, the network would be toast. Fox News doesn’t many moderate or liberal viewers. Their audience is overwhelmingly conservative Republicans. As a matter of survival, Ailes could not have his viewers favorite candidate boycotting his network.

The leadership at Fox obviously doesn’t understand their audience. Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.

Fox News has lost control of zombie army that they created. Donald Trump uses the same strategies as Fox News, but in many ways, he does them better. Fox News made Trump into a political figure by giving him a platform, but the billionaire has evolved and stolen the hearts of their audience.

The network’s debate strategy backfired. Trump has gained in popularity. One of their biggest stars was criticized, and conservatives rebelled. Big bad Fox News was brought to its knees as Donald Trump demonstrated that Fox is far from unbeatable.

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  1. Well I imagine that this is quite the rude awakening for Megyn- she has discovered that the non-gentleman of the Right prefer the hairpiece blonde as opposed to the bottle blond.

    No honor amongst Cravens.

  2. That’s the danger in denial; it makes you vulnerable to the truth. Fox has fought for years to pretend that conservative stereotypes are untrue. Trump chose to openly, unapologetically embody them. Turns out the stereotypes are true, the Fox viewers relate to them and so Trump wins.

    Fox has wasted years pretending to be “fair and balanced” when conservatives wanted “arrogant and biased” all along.

  3. I can’t believe the uneducated tea bags like Donald. He hasn’t said ONE word as to HOW he’s going to accomplish what he’s preaching.

    I’M sick of hearing the latest arrogant and sickening statement from his mouth. He’s getting WAY too much press for a no-nothing.

  4. What’s almost funny about this kerfuffel is that Kelly asked questions that any good journalist would have asked and given Trump a chance to answer them. Her fault was in the lack of follow-up since Trump elected to attack her rather than answer the question about his misogyny. Any time a journalist asks the right questions the subject is going to try to escape by blaming the journalist–SOP for thin-skinned pols for years. What is startling is that Kelly, of her own volition, apparently, is staying at Fox. If she really believes she is a journalist and wants to prove it, she should move on to a place that actually respects journalism. “Fair and Balanced” doesn’t mean what a lot of Fox viewers wanted to believe it meant, does it?

  5. Why the surprise Fox viewers like people that are off the wall outlandish; their ideal ticket would be Trump And the Queen of Mean Fiorino.

  6. Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you off your feet
    Better recognize your brother
    Ev’ryone you meet
    Why in the world are we here
    Surely not to live in pain and fear
    Why on earth are you there
    When you’re ev’rywhere
    Come and get your share …

    FN and Ailes cultivated this. They ‘educated’ their audience to be mean and stupid, and invited those already that way.
    But when the highways are filled with mean and stupid libertarians that all think they
    can ignore traffic laws and speed limits, there’s gonna be a crash.

  7. Who here is surprised by this? it’s FUX NEWS! these aren’t ration people in the first place. Lets see, trump or megyn? answer is! The LILY WHITE male! C’MON, that’s the pecking order in GOP world! WHITE male FIRST, everyone else? distance last! The GOP is a WHITE male party, YES, theres women obviously in the party but they’re so god damn beat down and and brainwashed, that turning on another woman, even another LILY WHITE republican woman, isn’t a problem at all! HELL allow me to be even MORE brutally honest, I’ve been around women all my life, my mother and grandmother reared me and some of the nastiest comments I’ve EVER heard, about WOMEN, typically comes from other women! I’m just keeping it real! But republican women go above and beyond nasty! I have ZERO sympathy for LILY WHITE megyn! it ALL a act! she’s gonna get PAID! FUX NEWS is orchestrating this WHOLE phony soap opera! she’ll take a PAID vacation and she’ll be right back on FUX’s catwalk strutting her stuff…

  8. TRUMP should make a bid or a pitch to BUY FOX. Then he could FIRE Megyn, if successful in owning FOX outright. Of course dump Ailes too.

    Also, he could change the name from FOX to TRUMP. Now wouldn’t THAT be a beeeatch. ;)

    The timing would be right. Know what I mean? His head would really explode if that were the case. Of course he would have to give up his dream of being President. Don’t think it would be feasible to be President and own a Cable Station with your name on it. Conflict of interest.

  9. Imagine, the masters and purveyors of Chaos are completely powerless and clueless on how to deal with this chaotic ordeal. Funny, sad and true all at once.

  10. If I had the money I would Buy the Goebbels channel and clean house! THEN build a REAL News Network that was fully and unabashed Democratic/Progressive/ Liberal!…You know FACTUALLY ACCURATE!

  11. I don’t know about y’all, but I am getting TRUMP fatigued. Trump, Trump, Trump 24/7 is getting a little tiresome.
    But…..I love how he is shaking up the GOP; and chewing up our least favorite Republicans and spitting them out. Plus the in fighting he has caused is beautiful to behold. As the saying goes: Get out the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. This IS entertaining, to say the least. House of Cards tumbling down, hit by the TRUMP earthquake. Ha! Love it.

  12. Not everyone is supporting Trump, I do not. I was a supporter of Megyn and Fox but now I have lost trust in their reporting capabilities. Megyn and Fox had an agenda the night of the debates and it did not look good for them. Fair and Balanced, NO. Good journalism, NO. I never wanted her to apologize to Trump, he has no filter or finesse. What I would have like to have heard was for her to acknowledge that her viewers/fans were very upset with HER not Trump. I now don’t trust her or Fox News just like I don’t trust the government/democracts/republicans
    . Nice Job Megyn/Fox

  13. I was a supporter of Megyn and Fox but now I have lost trust in their reporting capabilities.
    That was a good one. Best belly laugh I have had in a long time

  14. AMEN!! @Thomas, I’m sick of this trump soap opera too! listen, the GOP is dying and this BULL$HIT they’re serving up is just a sign of it’s demise! FUX NEWS, america corporate media THE corrupt racist police departments, the CRAZY LILY WHITE conservatives are scared $HITLESS! Obama got elected, not once but TWICE!! and the WHITE POWER structure is losing it’s god damn MIND!! they’re desperate! that’s why our police departments have transformed into a military STATE! LILY WHITE america sees whats going down! america isn’t the 1950’s utopia they planned on! if we don’t destroy the planet first, the usa might FINALLY be something special!

  15. Damn @sharon, YOU just figured out FUX NEWS isn’t FAIR & BALANCED?? because trump beat up megyn? LMFAO REALLY?? so when FUX was putting down black folks, you were just ducky with FUX? when FUX AND trump was disrespecting hispanics, YOU were down with the FUX? when FUX was defending child molesters, YOU just ignored it and kept watching FUX? when FUX was trying to make a HERO out of cliven bundy for pulling out automatic rifles on federal agents, YOU just keep whistling DIXIE and took another swig of your prune juice and vodka and fell asleep? @sharon, REALLY? it took a caucasian REPUBLICAN woman (MEGYN) getting told off, to finally wake your DUMBA$S up?? REALLY?

  16. So you were on board with Ms. Kelly’s defense of molester Josh Duggar and the softball “questioning” of the hillbilly Jim Bob and the witless baby incubator, Michelle?

    And you have been on board with years of Fox’s daily racist lies about President Obama, First Lady and former Attorney General Holder?

    And you have been OK with the daily put down of immigrants, women and anybody who they perceive as not their kind of xtian?

    And just now you see the light about Faux news and their idiot commentators?

  17. Memo to Megyn Kelly: If you really want to come off as fair and balanced, next time ask Huckabee about covering up for his son torturing and killing a dog and stringing it up in a tree. Ask Cruz why all the women in his dorm at Harvard thought he was a creep. Ask Paul about Aqua Buddha. Ask Rubio why he lied about his parents fleeing the Cuban revolution. Ask Bush why he just couldn’t mind his own business in the Terri Schiavo case (or if you’re really feeling bold, ask him what he did to rig the 2000 election for his brother). Ask Christie about what really happened with the George Washington Bridge. Ask Walker about his pedophile buddies. Ask Kasich if he still thinks state troopers who stop politicians for speeding are idiots. Ask Carson if he really thinks Obamacare is worse than slavery.

  18. They let the inmates loose in the asylum and now they’re running the show.

    This is a nightmare FOX created.

    As for Ms. Kelly, I think she sold her soul a long time ago.

  19. All this is is proof that Fox has crafted the exact audience it wanted to invent. Hate filled imbeciles that would actually like a guy like Trump. I travel in saner, far more decent circles and didn’t see anyone taking his side.

  20. This is so ridiculous.

    Fox “News” has stoked the flames and made angry, paranoid people even more angry and paranoid. And not that monster has created the super monster of Trump, who many of these angry and paranoid Fox viewers are defending instead of Fox “News.” Fascinating, but scary.

    Fox News Losing Control of Hateful, Paranoid People It Created, Who Created Trump

  21. Of course they like him. Fox News is increasingly a bastion of liberal multiculturalism, whereas Donald stands for true American pride.

  22. (The leadership at Fox obviously doesn’t understand their audience. Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.)

    I’m so relieved that the “reporter” helped me determine why I like FoxNews!

    The truth is included within this phrase: “After Fox News had tried to ruin Trump’s candidacy during the debate…”. Conservatives just want their candidates to be treated fairly. It is NOT the job of reporters to pick and chose winners, but to report without bias. It’s enough that the rest of the networks have marked anti-conservative bias, so even anti-Trump FoxNews viewers were disgusted with the open bias shown to Trump.

  23. PLEASE Don’t miss this one:
    A Personal History of John Birch Society. Brilliant-Informative!

    That’s where Koch’s are coming from.
    Birch created political activism on The Right!

    Check out Claire Conner’s other videoS (Click her name under the title)

    Here Conner sums-it-up in ONE MINUTE:

    “1 minute clip of Claire Conner in “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

    It’s EVERYTHING we are fighting against.

  24. Their dose of medicine isn’t tasting so good. They built this monstrosity all by themselves. They can just wallow in it and implode. The sooner the better. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  25. Below are a few quotes associated with Ms. Kelly

    “The new Black Panther Party is going to kill us all”

    “That Black Teen manhandled by the Cops was no Saint”

    “Santa Claus is white just like Jesus”

    “Obama’s coming after communities that are too white and privileged”

    Megyn Kelly has acted like an over privileged, uninformed air head with her race-baiting, Misogynistic behavior ever since she has been on the public scene. Was Donald Trump wrong with his treatment of her? Yes! Should there be any sympathy? Absolutely not! Ms. Kelly, this is what it feels like when the victim is victimized and no, you never were a journalist.

  26. This is nothing but hilarious, Fox built this monster and now it’s eating them up. To the world of rational people, including republicans who can think, this is exposing the damage that their propaganda has done to the republican party. If Trump is successful in winning the nomination, his inevitable loss may mean the end of the party as it has been known.Wink

  27. This is too funny. The outrage felt by Megyn Kelly is an example of how sane people feel about all the nonsense that is fostered on the Fox network. Trump is the norm for the party. If it comes round to bite them in the ass, they created it.Tell me how this is any different from any recent cycle of the stupid party.

  28. Have you ever watched Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots”?

    It like watching behind the scenes at the repiglican caucus.

    That said, this article is about what ailes Roger.

  29. I have been watching a bit of Faux News, the five and Fox and Friends. can you imagine how hard it must be to fabricate everything you are supposed to say? you try putting an ignorant, hateful, fear mongers spin on every single even incomplete thought you have. can you imagine explaining to kids that Santa just IS white skinned? Could you do that without cracking up? could you say with cold seriousness that Obamacare is worse than the Civil War and slavery? could you make up a hateful, bigoted and fearful version of Christianity? could you tell America that John Stewart is a lying, no talent loser? trump may help our cause by exposing some of the more bloodthirsty Republican policy prescriptions after all. I hope they keep blurting out fodder for Bernie and Hillary use. I’m trying to enjoy the ride. It beats being horrified and angry all the time. Maybe…

  30. Fox viewers don’t all support Trump and contrary to what you report Conservative Republicans that are Fox supporters DO NOT support bigotry, racism or sexism. I’m going to believe that like me it had little to do with Trump himself, he has no filter, no finesse and a lack of common courtesy but Megyn and Fox turned it into a Trump show, that is what many are angry about. Megyn and Fox had their own agenda and it was to slam Trump. Thats not what people have come to love about Fox. Their egos proved to be far from Fair and Balanced, it was progressive propaganda just like the liberals.For me it was about Fox and Megyn Kelly and my disappointment in them and not Trump.

  31. Writer Easley: “Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.”

    What is your specific source for that assertion?

  32. you must not keep up with all the news. he has stated what he would do with ISIS, immigration, jobs, foreign affairs, are behind

  33. “…The leadership at Fox obviously doesn’t understand their audience. Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.”'”

    What a load of crap. Nice try at characterization – maybe point the fingers at yourself next time.

    It isn’t about his image, and we will put up with some of it, but not all the time. What you are seeing is an ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT wave. We are SICK of politicians, and the Republican establishment has not represented the interests of their constituents. Trump has the support he is getting because he is running as a Populist, and bringing up the issues MANY people, and a lot of them are NOT Republicans, are concerned about. Maybe when you are in one of your “less shallow” analysis moments, you might understand that.

  34. Andy, if you want to know his plans read his books. Or like a lot of people who use a list of about 10 or 15 adjectives (that you arrogantly think make you sound good) to try to make themselves look important you use the same old worn out phrases to criticize. God forbid that you would do a little honest research.

  35. It seems that after Trump’s response to Megyn Kelly’s ‘bait’ question about how he speaks about women, earned her an answer that got the reporter who is never quiet for more than two seconds in a row to be silent – and her silence was golden.

  36. “Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.”
    That line in the article is bogus b.s. by just some FOX hater. Just taints the whole article as gossip.

  37. Trump has a head full of pancake-makeup, while Kelly wears enough to spackle an outhouse.

    Brer-Fox ‘News’ is a freaking joke.

    She looks constipated, & he IS constipated.

    And they will NEVER catch that Brer-Rabbit.

  38. A short history of the John Birch Society (Koch, Ron Paul, Phyllis Schlafly, Tim LaHaye):

    The current history: “White, Far Right and Armed”

    The long, current history (brought to us by the Christian Right): “OATH KEEPERS NETWORKS WITH TEA PARTY AND PATRIOTS”

  39. Do you mean know-nothing? Trump has the answers and has the best chance of fixing 30 years of broke Washington DC self serving politicians

  40. Trump is running under the Party of of Uber-self serving politicians.

    He’s not running to fix anything- other than an attempt to fix his ego.

  41. Fox News is increasingly a bastion of liberal multiculturalism,

    since- NEVER.

    God’s Last name is- Imaginary.

  42. The Trump has stated nothing concrete. The only thing he has stated is that everything will magically get better if he is elected.

  43. Honest Research has indicated that Trump has yet to write any books- all he does is have someone else ghost write them.

    Like he would his Presidency.

  44. If Trump isn’t Establishment, then why is he running as an Establishment/Republican as opposed to an Independent?

  45. It seems to me- that there needs to be a listing of Trump Brownnosing listed as a Fetish.

    If this column commentary be any indication.

  46. Doesn’t have anything to do with bigotry, sexism, racism. Has everything to do with with political correctness. Majority of USA is sick and tired of the ‘political correctness’ bs.

  47. I strongly disagree with the article author that racism and bigotry are the only thing Republicans have. I am a libertarian. I, plus many, many others lean toward the policies of a Donald Trump, because we are sick and tired of the same old, same old. The political elite on both sides os the aisle playing high stake games with our lives, while living large and making no common sense legislation to help our country be strong again.

  48. So why didn’t she ask personal questions of the rest of them? She was Murdope’s attack dog and she got spanked… [WINK]

  49. It is an indication of the monster Fox has created as they routinely pedal sarcasm and hatred, making screw of anyone who is not “them”. Their listeners adopted the hate and now, with Trump rising, they are no longer “them”! They are now the anvil, not the hammer.

  50. I don’t think anybody at Fox News likes Trump. I have always considered them pretty fair and balanced but I have to say, not with Trump. You can like him or not but their bias is showing.

  51. I am a regular Fox viewer (about 40+% Fox, 20% CNN, 20% local news programming, 10% far left blogs & MSNBC and the remainder . I consider my self a conservative and have many conservative & tea party friends. Most (over 50%) of them do not like Trump. That seems to be at variance with what this and many other sites are trying to say. Remember, the majority of conservatives are part of what we used to call the silent majority, so just counting the number of pro- or con Trump posts does not necessarily indicate the majority feeling of the rank and file.

  52. I am amazed at how far off base everyone has become. If you are a Democrat you support socialism, you’re lazy and live off welfare, you’re a tree hugging baby killer and don’t believe in God. If your a Republican you’re a lily white Jesus freak racist. All people should be ashamed for their judgmental selfish comments and actions. We have become a media controlled society. No one can think for themselves any more. We believe everything we hear. The madness has to STOP!! Take responsibility for your own actions and stay out of other peoples business you Democrats and Republicans. “the least amount of government is the best government” -our founding fathers.

  53. Bullshit. I know you failed history in summer school but they tried that least government called the Articles of Confederation and it didn’t work that’s why we have a Constitution. The idiocy never ends

  54. I disagree with the author’s claim that Trump’s “racism and bigotry” are the main pull for his supporters. Rather, i would liken Mr. Trump to a quote about FDR by the American Humorist Will Rogers: “they know they have a man…who is wise to Congress, wise to our bankers, and wise to our so-called big-men…If he burned down the Capitol, we would cheer him and say ‘Well, at least he got the fire started, anyhow.’ We have had years of ‘Don’t rock the boat!’ Sink it Mr. [Trump]. We just as well be swimming, as like the way we are.”

  55. Really? All Republicans are bigots and racists? Try again. I voted for Obama but I will vote Republican in the next election because I’ve been financially hurt by ObamaCare and the Democrats won’t balance the budget but I support gay marriage, and many other liberal views. How does that fit into to your classification?

  56. “The leadership at Fox obviously doesn’t understand their audience. Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.”

    I am perturbed at this statement in the article. Republicans should not tolerate this BS rhetoric. Being a Republican does not make one a racist or sexist!!
    We have woman in office in the Republican Party! We have people of color in our party too. The blanket accusations must cease!

  57. Oh yes I can defend Obamacare
    New Study Confirms That Obamacare Is Saving States Money

    Obamacare’s projected cost falls due to lower premiums under health care law, CBO says

    Obamacare Is (Still) Fiscally Responsible

    Congress’ scorekeeper confirms that the health care law will reduce deficits.

    Like I told your dumbass earlier my opinions are based on facts not bullshit you pull out your ass

  58. You obviously believe all the obamacare propaganda. It DOES NOT benefit everyone! If it did why does it mandate all women under the age of 60 carry maternity coverage even if they no longer have a uterus. Yes it is true and there are families that are paying for coverage they don’t need. There’s more examples but I don’t have time to completely fill you in. And maybe you need to get your facts straight “that government is best which governs least, because its people discipline themselves” – Thomas Jefferson 1853. Well after the constitution and the bill of rights was ratified.

  59. Dumbass name one program that benefits everyone? If you can then you are a communist. So the CBO, you do know who they are don’t you, is who I cited. And you quote Thomas Jefferson from 1853 I am quite sure the summer school you went to taught you he died in 1826

  60. Oh excuse me I need to clarify for you, from Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party, the idea goes back even farther. And Programs may not benefit everyone but should not put them in a far worse position. I’d be thrilled if obamacare didn’t effect me but it costs me money and has forced me to send my kids to a different doctor. And have you noticed that I have not called you names or cursed at you?

  61. I had employer paid dental coverage for myself and my kids. When my employer shopped around and changed medical coverage, the ACA kicked in which mandates that children be covered under a medical plan not a dental plan. That’s all fine and wonderful but under a medical plan dental work is subject to a deductible. I now have to pay for cleanings for my kids, when they were covered 100%, because we don’t meet the deductible. I’ve paid over $500 this year to the dentist. I switched dentists to lower my deductible just in case we would ever meet any kind of deductible. Got to go. Have a good day.

  62. Here’s a fact I hope your dumbass never has to experience first hand! Having a child that is financially crippling to insure because of a preexisting illness. I would rather be a 60 year old gradmother without a uterus, paying a minimal ammount extra for my coverage, than watching my child suffer and die because I can’t sell another organ to afford for his care or medications!

  63. The ACA was never intended to cover dental care. There are a lot of dental plans that are cheap so to speak that will cover that cost. My wife who is an manager at McDonalds had dental insurance but her right wing boss decided to make a political point dropped it so now we buy from a dental care at about 80 dollars a month. We don’t blame the ACA we blame right wing assholes who don’t value their employees

  64. It’s not an option. ACA mandates kids have dental coverage under a medical plan and my employer and myself must pay for such coverage just as women under the age of 60 must pay for maternity coverage even if they don’t want it or don’t have a uterus any more. My employer paid for dental coverage and would continue to do so but they can not do that for the kids because of ACA. That’s what bothers me most. I had great employer paid dental coverage. Now I do not and I’m not allowed to. This is a step backwards. This is socialism.

  65. No it does not
    Is Dental Coverage Required Under the ACA? Yes, for children but not adults. After Jan. 1, 2014, all individual and small group market plans – both inside and outside the exchange – must be certified as “qualified health plans” except for stand-alone dental plans. QHPs must provide all “essential health benefits”.

  66. I must not be making myself clear. I still have the great dental coverage for myself, but my kids had to be taken off the policy and put on the medical plan because of ACA and I have to pay out of pocket for every dental visit because of the deductible. That IS a step backwards because I cannot keep my kids on a dental plan that my employer is more than willing to pay for.

  67. My employer pays 75% medical and 100% dental. Therefore I want my kids back on the dental plan that they have been on for several years which paid %100 for two cleanings each year per kid. Now I pay out of pocket for these cleanings because of the deductible on the medical plan.

  68. First of all you have no idea how much this added maternity coverage costs or if the individual can afford it. Secondly, I voted for Obama to help people in your insurance situation but not at the expense of others. To say everyone benefits from the ACA is simply not true.

  69. After I watched the debate on Fox News, I couldn’t help but think how out of touch, biased, brainwashed, arrogant, ignorant,stupid and totally unaware of the HUGE subject she was “Supposed” to be orchestrating.

    She appeared to be the typical liberal, without a fraction of common sense,reality, reasonability, rebellious, not interested in the TRUTH, but only ready a teleprompter aimed against any Republican running for office, in particular Donald Trump.

    I feel Megyn Kelly is a disgrace, makes a total fool of herself, and should be immediately replaced!

  70. Oh, excuse me, I didn’t know this was a “Hillary Clinton Lier’s” forum.

    Or, perhaps you are in the wrong forum.

    At least we know who you support.

  71. It’s obvious you are a Democrat.

    It’s also obvious that you can’t even communicate in a simple forum without abusing the Terms of Use on this site by constantly insulting people by calling them names such as a third grader would.

    I don’t feel you have the intellect to deserve any more of my comments towards you while defending myself against childish name calling.

    There is no substance to your reply, just derogatory name calling.

    I suggest you grow up for you to make any worthwhile comment.

    Personally, I don’t talk politics with a child.


  72. “no the taxpayers pay for your insurance”

    ???? Now I really know that you have no idea what you are talking about. Good luck to you.

  73. It appears to me that you just can’t admit that the ACA does not benefit everyone. So I will be the bigger person who doesn’t have to use the f word to make a point and end this. Thanks for the discussion.

  74. “Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.”

    Now it’s very obvious that it only takes a Certificate of Completion from your local Pre School, to write for “PoliticusUSA”…..

    MORONS !!!

  75. If the govenors of the “red states” would pull their heads out of their asses and accept the funds to expand medicaid coverage, then it would be more affordable for everyone. Insurance companies are building plans for the ACA so “red state” citizens who want a plan or who qualify for medicaid coverage can have access without the states participation. Humanna in Ky, has been building plans for states that chose not to participate. What a effing nightmare! Humanna is pulling out of some of those states because the government in those states, (Mississippi) because they made it impossible for them to do the job. Oh did I mention they were making money! Sometimes it’s just easier to stab yourself in eardrumb then listen to stupid crap that people know nothing about

  76. No matter how much you like him dis-like him or are indifferent, Trump is a SELF-MADE billionaire. He has nothing to gain. He is a leader, plain and simple. I for one am not going to sit around and wait for a one world government. Make America Great Again – Trump 2016 :-D

  77. Self-made? I guess in your lizard brain when someones father leave them 100’s millions that will make him self made
    Your first major deal was converting the decrepit Commodore Hotel next to Grand Central Station into a Grand Hyatt. Mayor Abe Beame, a close ally of your father Fred, gave you the first-ever property tax abatement on a New York City hotel, worth at least $400 million over 40 years.

    Since you boast that you are a self-made billionaire, how do you rationalize soliciting and accepting $400 million of welfare from the taxpayers?

  78. You watch Fox yet you expect “reporters” to be without Bias? and you think that FOX has an anti Conservative bias?. Are you high? or just stupid?

  79. Exactly! I believe that all of those questions should have been asked of the other candidates. Kelly was just trying to make Trump look bad.

  80. I’ve said it from the beginning of Trumps campaign… he will literally destroy the entire GOP….the Koch’s can’t stop him or buy him, Fox News can’t stop him or buy him off.. and he will bully and bad-mouth all their other candidates until they slink away with their tails between their legs… He is unelectable…they know it.. they can’t do a thing about it… He is their Frankenstein’s monster and he is carrying the to their oblivion..

  81. First of all that person has as much chance of getting elected than you getting picked up on wet t shirt night. Second he inherited his money through his father and government welfare, oh I mean government loans

  82. Megyn Kelly, Bret Bair, and Charles K. are constantly attacking Donald Trump for no good reason. His response to their harassment, is understandable and mature.
    Charles attacks him every night and should be fired. What happened to fair and balanced!!!!!

    thank you,
    Robert Bibbee

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