MSNBC’s Liberal Purge Grows Al Sharpton Gets Banished To Sunday Mornings

MSNBC’s liberal purge continues with the news that Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation show is being sent to cable news Siberia by airing on Sunday mornings at 8 AM.

Sharpton tried to spin his removal from weeknights as not a demotion. He told The New York Daily News, “I’m very happy. First, I can reach a wider audience of people who don’t get home by 6 at night. Second, I can now get the A-list guests and newsmakers I want. And third, a Sunday morning host is what I always wanted to be. I never wanted to be a weeknight pundit. I wanted to be a Sunday morning newsmaker. I wanted to be Dr. Martin Luther King, not Larry King.”

Al Sharpton’s optimism should sound familiar. Ed Schultz expressed similar thoughts when he was removed from the 8 PM weeknight slot and shipped off to weekend afternoons. The reality is that Sharpton will have a much smaller audience at 8 AM on Sunday. The Sunday news shows do not begin airing until 9 AM, so MSNBC relocated Sharpton to an out of the way timeslot, so that his show didn’t not interfere with their core vision of no liberal programming outside of primetime.

Politics Nation’s move to weekends was first reported to be happening back in February, “In the longer term, these sources said, the Rev. Al Sharpton—a larger-than-life personality who attracts a 35 percent African-American audience but continues, after 3½ years of nightly practice, to wrestle with his Teleprompter—could eventually be moved from his weeknight 6 p.m. slot to a weekend time period, as MNSBC President Phil Griffin attempts to reverse significant viewership slides by accentuating straight news over left-leaning opinion.”

MSNBC just told Sharpton’s African-American audience that their voices belong on television at 8 AM on Sunday mornings. The fact that Sharpton is going to tape some of his shows illustrates the scale of the demotion.

The former Lean Forward network continues to blame liberals and African-Americans for their poor programming decisions and shabby treatment of viewers. The problems at MSNBC had begun years before Comcast took over. When the left blames Comcast, they deny the reality that MSNBC has been poorly run and consistently mistreated their viewers.

Blue collar liberals were given the shaft when MSNBC canceled Ed Schultz, and African-American viewers are being blamed with the exile of Al Sharpton. There is a large liberal audience yearning for decent programming. Outside of understanding the value of Rachel Maddow, MSNBC bosses have torched every bridge imaginable with this potential audience.

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  1. So where is Kornacki going on Sundays?
    They may be willing to keep Rachel but I submit she has reigned it in. I wonder if pressure from above is the reason for this. It is interesting to note: Maddow has mellowed and shifted since the departure of Bill Wolfe.

  2. I’ve noticed that the Rachel Maddow MSNBC Show has far more advertisements shown which limits her time on air! I, too, think she has changed her tune! I’m not enjoying her any longer and see her dropping even further in viewership.

  3. MSNBC rode the “liberal wave” to make money, they haven’t been liberal in years…

    I stopped watching them years ago

  4. Stopped watching during the Ebola and ISIS “coverage” last year and never returned.

    MSNBC changed when Comcast took over, so this is not a surprise. All one has to look at is the “news feed” that come with their Xfinity service. Never failed every Sunday they’d have a “Bad news for Obama” as one of the clickable headlines. When clicked it linked to a Fox News hit piece done sometime during the week – not from the “news desk”, but from opinion based, or editorial shows. Completely bias. I thought Comcast owned NBC so using Fox material seemed strange, and out of place. Done every Sunday like clockwork especially during the run up to the mid term elections. Now you see more and more done with Hillary. So transparent, so obvious.

    They kept JoeScar around to maintain some balance – Now it looks flipside – Rachel being kept around to maintain some liberal identity.

  5. In the interests of 100% complete accuracy I’ll change my question “is MSNBC still a cable channel?”

  6. “Griffin attempts to reverse significant viewership slides by accentuating straight news over left-leaning opinion.””
    By straight news, if he means as delivered by the likes of Chuck Todd, it means more right wing drivel.

  7. Just this morning , Morning Junk thank MSNBC brass for moving to the right on live tv.

    The network sucks

    Last night I was scrolling channels and guess who popped up on One America News, which is farther right that Fox, if that is possible.

    None other than World Salad Queen, Sarah Palin

  8. I would think he would move to Al’s slot.I am not a fan of his show.Yes I can see the change in Rachel.O’Donnell is changing too.

  9. They chose to move him to Sunday A.M.; not afternoon, not Saturday, not any other time than Sunday A.M. for ONE obvious reason. African Americans are not watching. They are at church which has long been the center of community and activism for them.

  10. Ack, no!

    I can’t help thinking this shake up is occurring now before the run up to the election, all to give more of a right slant? Eh? As if of fake news is not enough.

    My mother will then consider this listening to both sides lol

  11. MSNBC’s downward ratings spiral began when it got rid of Keith Olbermann.

    And the idiots running it keep compounding the errors instead of fixing them.

  12. Even though Maddow is very popular and all… one has to wonder if her time is coming too and the big wigs will either put her in a horrible time slot or send her packing as part of it’s purge.

    Face it, MSNBC is becoming another part of the pro-Anti American media. The only thing we have left are sites like this. It’s kinda shameful that idiots want to keep people from learning the truth, you know.

  13. Buckeyewill,
    What Liberal Internet Radio do you listen to? Please give the LINK. I know of none!

    Even here is San Francisco, there is no Liberal Radio whatsoever!


  15. This is ONE former viewer! Great Job ! I did watch every day from Alex Wagner through Rachel. No more. RWNJ’s have taken over this country. Australia is looking better every day… Huck Suckabee and his ilk have obviously taken control.

  16. What kind of changes are you seeing in Rachel. I watch her show, but I’m not seeing a change. What are you seeing?

  17. My husband and I are 60 something and love Rachel! Never miss her. She is so smart and brings a view that we get no where else. Miss Ed, won’t miss the Rev. Where is Steve K going?

  18. I don’t think she’s as issue informative as she was. She spends more time on political machinations than issues.
    Also, she is following the crowd on excessive repetition of the “days top story” more.
    I don’t see the sense of MSNBC moving to more news. It just competes with NBC. DUMB

  19. Republicans used to refused to come on the Maddow show because she would call them out on the bs.

    Now republicans ARE appearing on the Maddow show and I believe it is because she has been told to be nice to them no matter what they spout.

    Same thing with Lawrence O’Donnell.

    I have only watched the Maddow and O’Donnell shows twice in the last 4 months when I began to notice that republicans were on just about every show. I did not watch the entire hour and moved on as soon as the republicans were introduced.

  20. I was pleased to see them coming on until both Rachel and Lawrence sat back and let them spew without challenge.
    Two more former journalists reduced to talk show host.

  21. It seems like Rachel’s show (and I am a loyal fan)could be slipped into Morning Joe, because she is just not doing the stories that she used to. I have heard my fill about Donald Trump on CSPAN for God’s sake! Watching clips of his traveling show is neither enriching nor substantive.

    I thought her coverage of Freedom Summer in 2014, was excellent. Also, her expose on the voting in Boone, NC, and of NC’s voting laws and the Moral Mondays kept me watching each night.
    I was hoping she would do something like a state to state “tour” of the voter suppression laws and tactics, and focus on the experiences of people. I want to see her crew taping at an office in TX (that does the voter ID cards), when the clerk tells the citizen that they have run out of them.

    I just do not sense the intellectual challenge that she used to present to her audience. It is truly a shame.

  22. MSNBC will most likely replace Al at 4pm slot with Lil’ Lukie Russert. After all, he’s worked in the trenches of journalism sooooo long, hard and tirelessly, he deserves a shot at the big time.

  23. MSNBC will be over after awhile. They keep digging that hole deeper & deeper,for the present, Maddow is their life support and since left leaning is no longer exciting & they prefer to lean Comcastic right,they will soon find out it takes a fool to learn.

  24. There are 6 corporations that own 90% of the media & they are on a mission to dumb down America with their lies,deceits,withholding information,tailor made polls to brainwash us & misinformation so be aware.

  25. MSNBC has turned into a fux nuz affiliate.
    Exactly where is this liberal media the RWNJs are always railing on.
    First Current gone now MSNBC, the 2016 elections will be decided by citizens united.
    The dumbing down of murica continues.

  26. I think this is just indicative of the controlled news that is spoon fed to us on a daily basis, news that is not reflective of the democratic American values most of us revere. Ugliness, accompanied by chest thumping aggression, is the appearance of America now. I’m going to miss the rational, cool intelligence of Barack Obama and I’m going to work for the election of Hillary Clinton. Let’s try not to let the right wing swell up again. We need to keep them out of the Oval Office.

  27. Why is everyone so hard on MSNBC . This is all about money. Advertizers are not going to pay good money for a show that very few people watch. They had no choice. They were losing money every time he was on the air. The entire network is in serious trouble.what I don’t understand is why Chris Hayes is still on the air.

  28. I just don’t understand MSNBC. We are on the verge of a huge progressive/liberal wave and they are ignoring it. Why? Who got to them? I still like Rachel and watch her, but I just don’t get it.

  29. I’m also upset about the changes to MSNBC. Where else is there to go? Half the daytime stuff is now canned news stories repeated throughout the day. I guess I need to go back to satellite radio. Some good ideas? Thanks. I need my daily progressive news and don’t understand why MSNBC wants to reinvent themselves into a carbon copy of the other “news” stations.

  30. Nothing to see or hear on MSNBC anymore, I’ll just move on! However I know how My family and friends will be voting, and it certainly will NOT be for ANY Republicans,period!

  31. The one anchor/MSNBC who has changed dramatically is Lawrence O’Donnell.
    I loved the fact that Mr. Lawrence had so much fight in him and was always “blowing his stack” over something/someone he disagreed with mainly, a republican guest.
    Mr. Lawrence once reported on his show said he was under contact with General Electric unlike the rest of the group. (I suppose that was in the past. things have changed.) The good old days are long gone.
    LOD was really a fighter on the issues. Not so anymore.
    L.ODs calm demeanor has taken over and his show is just as not exciting as it once was.

  32. Listen to Big Ed’s (Shultz) daily podcasts on and Thom Hartmann on Free Speech channel on the Internet.
    Other liberals’ shows on that channel also.

  33. MSNBC still loves the nerds…Hayes and Kornacki.

    I find I am beginning to like Chris Hayes. He certainly has grown into a better anchor reporting the news.
    Just my take.

    Kornacki drives me up the wall.

  34. You’ve got that right!
    Think about it every day when Pres. O will be out of office. There has been no one like him. I will miss him terribly, but at same time happy for Pres. O and his family. They will have the luxury to do the things they want to do for our country w/o Republicans bashing him for every single thing they can think of.

    Vote for a Democrat! We cannot let Republican win this next election!

  35. Ann,

    Check out Big Ed’s daily podcast shows on:

    Thom Hartmann is still on radio thank goodness. (He must be our last hope.)
    Listen to his show here at 3PM, but can also watch TH on the Internet at~ Free Speech~…Many other liberal shows there also.

    Keep supporting Rachel. I love her also.

  36. This was noted on the Internet the other day.

    MSNBC will replace Rev Al with news continual news talk show like they do earlier here in the morning. No special anchor yet filled for that time slot. Must be a lot of planning going on as becoming prepared for Mr. Brian Williams big debut./MSNBC.

    Also read a few years back, Chris Matthews’ contract will expire/MSNBC right around the time of the 2016 election cycle. He probably will not renew his contract. Chris M. will be the next to leave the show around that time next year

  37. Am adding a “big one” to your list…..that have split the scene.

    ***Randi Rhodes! ***

    Like Randi said on her talk show. Once I’m gone there will be no trace of her on the Internet. How true.
    Hope she is enjoying her time in Costa Rica.

    Bring Randi back!

  38. Replacement of Al Sharpton.

    Will fill in with all news talk show similar like the early news show. No particular anchor so I have read..

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