Obama Stands Up For Working People With Promise To Veto The Republican Budget


obama veto Republican budget

President Obama celebrated Labor Day weekend with a promise to veto the Republican budget if it harms the middle-class.



The President spoke about the country’s economic success, then discussed the Republican budget:

This month, Congress has an opportunity to continue that progress. As always, the deadline for Congress to pass a budget is the end of September. Every year. This is not new. And if they don’t, they’ll shut down the government for the second time in two years. At a time when the global economy faces headwinds and America’s economy is a relative bright spot in the world, a shutdown of our government would be wildly irresponsible. It would be an unforced error that saps the momentum we’ve worked so hard to build. Plain and simple, a shutdown would hurt working Americans.

It doesn’t have to happen. If Congress wants to support working Americans and strengthen our middle class, they can pass a budget that invests in, not makes cuts to, the middle class. If they pass a budget with shortsighted sequester cuts that harm our military and our economy, I’ll veto it. If they make smart investments in our military readiness, our infrastructure, our schools, public health, and research, I’ll sign that budget – and they know that.

So let’s get it done. Our economy doesn’t need another round of threats and brinksmanship. Nobody gets to play games with our economy – or the middle class I grew up in, and that you grew up in. So tell Congress to pass a budget that reflects the values we honor on Labor Day. Rewarding hard work. Giving everybody a fair shot. And working together to give all of our kids a better life.

In the United States, when most people discuss the middle class, they are referring to workers. It isn’t a coincidence that President Obama promised to veto a budget that would harm the middle class on Labor Day weekend.

The budget showdown that Republicans have staged is playing into the hands of President Obama and the Democrats. The President has become an expert at framing budgetary issues in moral terms. For Democrats, the budget is about fairness. Republican economic ideology benefits those at the top. It takes away from those who have the least to reward those who have the most. By pointing out the unfair flaw in conservative economic ideology, Democrats have found a silver bullet that slays the trickle down beast.

President Obama is laying the groundwork for another victory over his Republican opponents. Republicans are going to rely on the same strategy that has been failing them for years. They will pass a budget, Obama will veto it, Boehner will hold a press conference and say his usual line that, “the House has done its job,” and Obama will wait for Republicans to cave.

None of this is necessary, but it would be shocking if Congressional Republican drama queens didn’t force the nation to sit through their dance of doom before they gave in.

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  1. “They will pass a budget, Obama will veto it, Boehner will hold a press conference and say his usual line that, “the House has done its job,” and Obama will wait for Republicans to cave.” We need to demand a change in the law so that when the government is shut down, Congress does not get paid.

  2. The only problem with your idea is that the current Congress would have to pass such a law–and the republicants aren’t about to do something like that. The only way to act on your idea is to elect a whole lot more Democrats to high office in 2016. If we do that, we can get this country moving forward instead of in reverse. Vote BLUE in 2016, America!

  3. What makes the jobs and unemployment false reports so heinous is that the Republicans will use this to cut even more resources and services.. The Federal Reserve will use this to increase the interest rates sending more people into poverty and homelessness. And the president and both political parties will ignore that it would take a small fraction of government spending approximately $175.3 billion to totally eradicate US poverty. SHAMEFUL Remember the Pentagon lost $8.5 trillion, and the Federal Reserve audit shows they gave trillions to foreign banks and corporations, on top of Congress giving trillions to the rich, fossil fuel industry and other multinational corporations. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Eradicate Poverty by issuing a Basic Guaranteed Income.
    Poverty: http://billmoyers.com/2015/09/03/new-research-documents-growth-of-extreme-poverty-in-us/
    Basic Income http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-santens/the-economist-just-came-o_b_7447312.html

  4. Our country has become so lopsided in income fairness and/or the privatizing of our institutions to contractors with less oversight or protections to the average worker. I am a child of the 50’s when employers were proud of their businesses and the quality of their products. The employees were cared for, and could sustain a family of 4 on one income with mom at home, not needing to have 3 jobs between 2 parent to make ends meet.

    I remember a rocker my parents had that was passed to my oldest brother, that had already rocked to sleep 4 generations of children and still going strong in 2008. Now we are lucky if our furniture lasts 2 yrs. What a shame our once great Country has come to this.

  5. The Republicans are the problem and people like you not recognizing that makes it harder to fix the problem. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  6. Thank Reagan and the Rupublicans for their war on and destruction of the middle class as well as income inequality. Put blame where it belongs and vote blue.

  7. If we had ballot initiatives at the federal level we would’ve had a $15.00 an hour minimum wage years ago. The Australian minimum wage is $15.00 an hour. If they can do it so can we.

  8. Agreed but they should get suspended for a time as well as receive no pay. The Repubes are rich in Congress so you cannot hurt then withholding their pay

  9. Ever wonder why Conservatives tear up and start stammering w crazy eyes and senseless innuendo about Benghazi or Emails, or Abortions and the sanctity of marriage? Here’s why, they got nuthin, they are scrambling to shut down Planned Parenthood before people of Fox realize we just again set Historic records for reducing unwanted pregnancies in All categories as well as abortion reductions as well. Their Extremists who have been supported by the church in both restricting contraception and passing Inequality on to poor families in the failed policies of Supply Side Fantasy is coming to be seen as the Stupidity it is. Not many who have any sense at all believe for a moment that passing on tax privilege does anything but make rich people richer, Poor people poorer and restricting contraception does anything but further burden us all financially while they scream for Austerity? Some day people will realize it’s the church responsible for all the excess abortions on the least of these?

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