Bernie Sanders Has President Obama’s Back On Paid Sick Leave Executive Order


2016 Democratic Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) applauded President Barack Obama for signing an executive order that means federal workers/contractors will get paid sick leave and new Department of Labor rules that give those workers and contractors new tools to demand equal pay.

“The president’s executive order on paid sick leave is exactly the right thing to do,” the Independent Senator wrote in a statement.

Sanders called on Congress to act to match President Obama’s executive order for federal workers, “Now that paid sick leave has been extended to hundreds of thousands of Americans who work for federal contractors, Congress has got to extend these rights to all workers.”

Senator Sanders called out the truth, saying it’s an international embarrassment that we do not guarantee paid leave to workers, “We have got to end the international embarrassment of the U.S. being the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid leave to workers.”

Championing a cause that the Democratic Party and other presidential nominees are also calling for, Sanders pushed for paid family and medical leave and at least two weeks vacation, “Not only do workers need paid sick leave, they also need at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave and at least two weeks of paid vacation. In the richest country on earth, no one should force mothers to go back to work days or weeks after giving birth.”

Senator Sanders once again isn’t going to feed the hungry media the Democratic fight they’ve been hunting for. He has backed Obama in the past when he agreed with the President and he will do it again. He’s not going to “distance” himself from the President, as the media has been hysterically instructing Democrats to do for the past seven years. Sanders also saw the mistake most Democrats made in 2014 midterms of running away from the President.

It turns out, the President’s policies are actually very mainstream and popular, even if they are liberal in their ideology. The Republicans warned that President Obama was a super liberal who was going to “fundamentally change America”, and he has already used his “lame duck” (LOL) period to prove them right, much to the pleasure of many in his party.

Workers of the country should be asking Congressional Republicans what is so wrong with allowing people to have a few days of paid sick leave. Why is this something they criticize, when they spent fewer days at work last year than President Obama spent on vacation in his entire presidency and in the Senate, had nearly as many days off in a year as President Obama has taken in his entire two terms of office.

The fastest rising presidential candidate in either party is standing with a President who has unprecedented second term momentum in a push to expand rights for workers.

This has not only been a great day for Sanders, Obama, and their Democratic allies. It is a Labor Day that represents the changing tide in favor of America’s workers.

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  1. I regularly hear from old coworkers in different countries who question why the richest country in the world doesn’t have universal healthcare, paid sick time, paid maternity or family leave, paid vacation as all other industrialized nations have. Lately their comments have centered on how the American people can take the Rs running for president seriously. They think it’s great comedy.

  2. OR…Bernie Sanders got a wake-up call and finally realizes that he stands very, very weak with the Democratic base (minorities, women, newly naturalized American citizens) that makes up a large chunk of the Obama Coalition, and needs to finally begin praising the president he’s been excoriating since January 2009.

    As a Bernie Sanders supporter, shadowolf, what do you think?

  3. An Executive Order doesn’t need “backing”. It just needs a president to draft and sign the E.O. It is a temporary fix and only valid up until the last day the president is in office. The next president can do away with it or have it continue.

    As much as some authors here would like Bernie Sanders to be the next president – and this article serves to boost that “inevitability” – the truth is, a president’s legacy will not survive on E.O.’s alone. Neither can this country.

    We need a president who has the backing and support of our Congress for concrete policy.

    Hillary Clinton will have it. Bernie Sanders will not.

  4. Bernie isn’t Anti-Obama

    He’s what Obama should have been, a full-throated liberal and not just a Moderate squish

  5. President Obama is a squish? And you wonder why your fanboy wont be getting any support from Obamas coalition

  6. Sanders said he’s “been in meetings in the White House where there have been very straightforward conversations with the President” about why he’s giving up so much ground. Sanders said he wasn’t sure what Obama’s motivations were but that the President has “a desire not to be confrontational.”

    Yeah. I can see where you got that “squish” metaphor from, axt113. Not anti-Obama, huh? Uh huh. The problem with Bernie Sanders is, he doesn’t understand political reality. Ideologues never do. Ask Gohmert. Or Rand Paul. Or Ted Cruz. Or Dennis Kucinich.
    Just as Bernie Sanders claimed that he voted against any sensible gun laws (including the Brady Bill) because he represents ALL Vermonters, so also President Obama is president of ALL America. But for some reason, Sanders believes only he has that right. I wonder why that is.

  7. I have always liked Bernie Sanders but I will say it pains me to see Democrats saying the things we say about the GOP to each other. I am a yellow dog and will vote for the Democratic nominee whoever it may be. I like Bernies policies but fear the tag Socialist he claims will sour many middle of the road people from voting for him. I think he is a good and honest man. I also understand how women in this country have been casually shafted since its inception and think I would like to see Hillary elected President. Squish is a tea party patriot word and I feel it has no place in a liberal dialog. the person who used it knows about as much of PBOs difficulties as my cat.

  8. Democrats are sensible people. We are going to follow President Barack Obama with President Hillary Clinton. She has the votes across all sectors of Middle America to win this election and keep a Democrat in the Oval Office.

  9. Oh sure. Hillery will have nearly as much support as Obama had. That’s not much of a recommendation. People are pretty tired of glad handing, back slapping politians greasing the wheels as they go. Give people some credit. Electing a new voice and staying involved to get things done is not a pipe dream. Not so long ago, the idea of a black man in the Whitehouse was pretty farfetched.

  10. Sorry,but I hope that’s not so. It’s always something with that woman. Poor judgment seems her constant companion. OK, I too am a yellow dog and will vote for her against the Rep.nincompoops. Voting for the least-bad candidate is nothing new to me, but once and a while we are given a real choice and I’m going to support that choice.

  11. I hope not. It is always something with that woman. Poor judgment ses her constant companion. Yes,I too a yellow dog and will vote for her against the Rep.nincompoops. Voting for the least-bad candidate is nothing new too me. Yet when a real opportunity presents itself for change in a direction that is sorely lacking in America politics ,I for one will support it. I’ve seen too many good political people chased out by corruption and big business

  12. Its always something with that women? I guess you can say that when the media lies and make up shit abouther starting in the 90’s but you keep believing the bullshit

  13. In his short timein the Senate President Obama accomplished more than Sanders have done in 25 years.

  14. Even she admits it wasn’t the best choice. She said she didn’t know how it worked. She was new. She wishes she had done it differently… etc. Her words I’m just not a strong supporter of hers. She a little to tight with status quo.

  15. You just don’t hear me do you? I never said there was a crime just always a lot of smoke. If it will make you happy I’ll give up. Your right. I’m wrong. Bernie is not giving voice to all the things I thought were wrong with this country. The idea of another Clinton in the WH is a wet dream come true.

  16. Here goes some more smoke for you to ponder
    GOP’s Benghazi panel springs yet another leak

    I never said I was right and you were wrong I just said you let the media shape your opinions on Clinton and none of it has added up to a hill of beans. BTW when Bill was in office I remember we had prosperity. My catering business was booming because regular people had money to have their parties catered

  17. …let’s correct this shall we???
    I am NOT as yet ANYBODYS supporter; I like both Hillary AND Bernie…may have to pick primary by flipping a coin…
    …point is, I am not gonna put up with smearing our candidates…either by fanatic Dems or the Reich Wing, which is ya know responsible for tryin’ to smear Hillary since she was ARKANSAS First Lady…
    So please, stop the smear-the-one-I-ain’t-following routine…both are humans who are trying their best…flaws, both…good things, both…

  18. It is always something with those republicans – specifically the lies they tell about any Dem who is running for office and has an actual chance to win.

    It is how they roll.

    It is always something with that man! Said about Kerry, Gore, Obama, Bill, or any other who was seeking office, ever!

  19. See what happens when Trump falls off the radar a bit? In-fighting!

    Quick, Donny. Babble something racist, inane, and egotistical to get us all riled up.

    Meanwhile, may we remember the common goal: we HAVE to get another Democratic President. There is no acceptable alternative riding around in the clown car.

  20. Very true. I know all that. I have no love for the increasing crazies on the other side of the aisle it just seems Hillery isn’t the best choice. I am uncomfortable with her. If she’s nominated, I’ll support her. Right now though I think Bernie more reflects my beliefs

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