Hillary Clinton Holds Huge Leads Over Bernie Sanders In Nevada and South Carolina


Two new polls of Nevada and South Carolina show Hillary Clinton leading Sen. Bernie Sanders by 50 and 22 points without Joe Biden included in each state.

The CNN/ORC poll found that without Biden in the race Clinton leads Sanders 70%-20% in South Carolina, and 58%-36% in Nevada. African-American voters make up the majority of the primary electorate in South Carolina, and Bernie Sanders is struggling to get their support. Black voters support Clinton 84%-7% without Biden in the race. Clinton leads Sanders among whites 48%-47%.

With Clinton also leading in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll of Iowa by 11 points, a clear picture of the race is beginning to emerge. Despite his campaign’s best efforts, Sen. Sanders has been unsuccessful in attracting African-American and Hispanic Democratic primary voters in South Carolina and Nevada.

Hillary Clinton is looking like the clear leader in the Democratic primary right now. Nothing has helped Hillary Clinton more than House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s admission that the Benghazi investigation is intended to destroy the Democratic frontrunner. Hillary Clinton went on the attack against Republicans, the negative mainstream media coverage of her campaign vanished, and her poll numbers went up.

The path to the Democratic nomination for Bernie Sanders has always been to win early and often. If Sanders loses three of the first four states, there is no clear path to the nomination for him. Hillary Clinton will be strong in the big delegate states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, New York, Florida, and California.

So far, Sen. Sanders has not been able to expand his base of support beyond white male progressives. The problem for the Sanders camp is that the majority in the Democratic Party is a coalition of women, African-Americans, and Hispanics. Sanders has been discussing immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and his plan to increase African American employment on the campaign trail, but his efforts have yet to yield results.

With less than four months until voters go to the polls, Sen. Sanders will need strong showings in the Democratic debates, and a little bit of luck (a Joe Biden run) to be in a position to challenge for frontrunner status. If Biden does not run, Hillary Clinton is currently firmly in the driver’s seat to capture the Democratic nomination.

20 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Holds Huge Leads Over Bernie Sanders In Nevada and South Carolina”

  1. NEWS I’VE ALREADY KNOWN FROM THE GET-GO(or “BEGINNING” in Laymen’s Speech)…!!!!!!!……GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Although it’s still early – and I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter – we still have four months before the primaries begin for those two States and we still haven’t seen them debate.

    I’m hoping she keeps her lead, though!

  3. Not a single vote has been cast, and they won’t be for another 4 months. 120 days (and several debates) could change things. These early polls mean nothing.

    The race is Hillary’s to lose, but Bernie won’t make it easy. I don’t put much stock in “Bernie is winning” polls, and I don’t put much more in “Hillary is winning” polls either.

    Either will make a superb president, but the coattails they have to help other dems win their elections at the local, state and federal levels are extremely important.

    Somebody is going to appoint 4 supreme court justices in the next 10 years, and they’ll serve until 2050 or later. Who do you want doing the appointing: Hillary/Bernie or Donald?

    Do you think ANY dem nominee to he supreme court has a snowballs chance of making it through McConnells senate? Will any repub kill citizens united?

    We need more than the white house. We need local govs, state govs and the senate.

  4. On the plus side, wasn’t one of the last polls 90-10 in SC?

    It’s a uphill battle for sure, we just need to keep working.

  5. Amen Billy, tell it.

    She’s been the frontrunner with nobody in her rear view mirror since the day after they swore Obama in in 2012.

    She is double to triple Sanders all along everywhere when the phantom Biden hovering over this race is removed from polls – and that was without McCarthy since real dems didn’t belive that Benghazi crap for a second.

    111 days till 1682 caucuses open in Iowa.

    Hillary has 9 states started officially and 40 more with a ground game – the one here in Florida is impressive if I must say so myself! We have worked hard since April and we, like Hillary, are just getting started.

    We are a real 50 state campaign and we aim to keep the WH blue and GOTV to turn those downtickets into SEATS. And break a 228 year gender record too.

  6. Primaries, unlike the general, aren’t winner take all. Bernie can still win delegates from both states even if he doesn’t win them overall. I think Bernie will be in good shape if he can take 30% of the vote in SC.

  7. I know Bern bots won’t like this BUT, Bernie should not have voted against Immigration Reform and with the NRA.

    Hispanic activists and voters already know about Bernie.

    And, when I mention his NRA votes to Democrats I am contacting, they are very surprised and confused by them; as am I.

  8. This white, female progressive supports Sanders. I know many more who do. Clinton’s lead is disheartening, but I think it’s premature to predict anything before the debate.

  9. I want Hillary to go, but I suspect not to same place as you.

    Bernie 2016, the only unowned candidate for president,

  10. CNN in Vegas had their roundtable and they were talking about Hillary’s support with POC.

    Brazile said Hillary is considered a Sistah and she was married to the first black president. She also said when she goes to Vermont she doubles their black population.

    They discussed Hillary having 19 million constituents in NY – where you deal with every possible ethnic group daily as well as her experience all through her life of vast exposure to all possible interest groups and issues.

  11. She will be going, straight to the White House!! No matter whether Bernie supporters think he is owned, he is owned under cover by the NRA! He has voted numerous times with the NRA, even against the Brady Bill and the NRA funded his first campaign for the House! He has just in the last day said that we need to tone down our rhetoric against the NRA (still making excuses for them)!!

  12. As I have posted elsewhere, they both have about a 40% pro gun control voting record, the difference is that Bernie has supported controls on big items , like assault weapons – which Hillary opposed (S.1805/H.R.1036).

  13. What you just said is not accurate. The bill you mention had nothing to do with Big Weapons (the ones Bill Clinton outlawed) and Hillary was never in favor of. NOT EVER.

    “A bill to prohibit civil liability actions from being brought or continued against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition for damages resulting from the misuse of their products by others.”

    Yes, it has been discussed here many times. It was Larry Craigs bill. It failed.


    Bernie was in the house. He voted with the 221 Republicans in support of it.

    Either you are confused or full of it.


  14. I will never vote for her, I’ll write in Sanders if I have to. She’s a feminist, a corporate lickspittle, and evidently a backer of the private prison industry.

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