Grassroots Rising: Hillary Clinton Has Her Best Fundraising Month with Small Donors

More good news for Hillary Clinton after she swept the South during Super Tuesday, giving her 544 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 349 as she has her best grassroots fundraising month of the campaign.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only brought in $30 million in February, but she had the best grassroots fundraising month of her campaign with more than 50% of the $30 million coming from online donations and the average donation was less than $50, according to a press release from Hillary for America.

The campaign says it has now received 2 million contributions from more than 850,000 people.

“We continue to beat every fundraising goal and, more importantly, make smart and efficient investments,” said Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook. “Grassroots support is truly powering this campaign as the majority of our fundraising came from online donations. That support has helped Hillary Clinton gain momentum by winning three out of four contests in February, and eight on Super Tuesday. We move forward with a commanding pledged delegate lead and the resources we need to run a competitive race.”

Clinton’s primary opponent Senator Bernie Sanders raised $42.7 million in February, with small donors giving him more than $21 million, according to the Sanders’ campaign.

Clinton begins March with a reported $31 million on hand.