Republicans In Chaos As The Media Blasts The Fake New “Presidential” Donald Trump

It is getting even worse for Republicans as the media isn’t buying the fake new presidential version of Donald Trump.

The Washington Post blasted Trump in an editorial that reminded readers of all the Republican frontrunner’s racist and bigoted attacks.

The Post’s editorial board wrote:

DO YOU remember when Donald Trump crudely mocked the disability of a New York Times reporter, and then lied about having done so?

No? That’s just as the Republican candidate might hope. Now that he is nearing the Republican nomination, he says he will become more “presidential.” After winning the New York primary, he referred to “Senator Cruz” instead of “Lyin’ Ted.” You can expect multitudes of office-seekers and sycophants to follow Chris Christie’s craven path to believing, or pretending to believe, in a presidential Trump.

So it is important to remember.

Remember that Mr. Trump said that Mexicans crossing the border are rapists, though “some, I assume, are good people.”

Remember that Mr. Trump falsely claimed that thousands of American Muslims had celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11…..

I can hear Republicans huffing and puffing that, of course, the “liberals” at The Washington Post would criticize Trump, but what about Fox News? If anybody can sell Trump as presidential surely, Fox can. Right?

Well maybe not:


MACCALLUM: But we got mixed messages yesterday because, you know, we saw what we just played and then last night in Harrisburg here’s Donald Trump.


He seems to be liberated when he gets out there in front of the crowd and, you know, sort of go back to the it’s all crooked stuff. And that’s not the song the song they were singing down there in Florida, Chris.

CHRIS WALLACE: Well I’ve got to laugh at this. Yeah, I’ve got to laugh at this because on Tuesday when he had his victory speech at Trump Tower after a really terrific victory in New York he said “Senator Cruz,” and everybody, all the pundits were, you know, were examining this saying, and saying, oh, he said Senator Cruz. That’s such a huge difference. He’s more presidential.

MACCALUM: Right, doesn’t seem like it would be such a novel thing to say, does it?

WALLACE: Right and the next day he’s out on the trail in Indiana and he’s talking about lying Ted.


WALLACE: So, you know, that’s the real question. Can Trump, he’s heard the evidence. One, does he believe it? Does he believe the advice you ought to tone it down and act more presidential? And two, if he does believe it, can he stick to it? And that’s a very open question.

MACCALLUM: It was like from the night before he had a bunch of lying Teds that were pent up, that he couldn’t get out on and and so he had to let them all out at once yesterday.

When even Fox News can’t keep a straight face while trying to convince conservatives that Donald Trump is presidential, the Trump image makeover is already a lost cause.

No one outside of Trump’s current supporters is going to buy him as presidential. It is never going to happen. Donald Trump without the insults and rambling is just another rich boring old white conservative who hates the fact that America is changing.

The attempt to sell Trump as presidential demonstrates how desperate Republicans to bring order to the chaos that rules their party. The media which has shoveled the BS that Trump has been pushing for months isn’t willing to along with this one.

It is almost as if the press doesn’t want to be held responsible for the possibility that the monster that they helped to create could become the next president.

The American people aren’t stupid. They know Donald Trump too well, and they aren’t going to be fooled by a quick image makeover done on the fly. If the media won’t help Donald Trump sell it, the Republican Party will be cooked in November.