Tucker Carlson Claims Victory for Trump: ‘This convention is not a disaster’

We are used to Republicans “massaging” the truth, but Tucker Carlson’s pants caught on fire when he said Wednesday on Fox & Friends, “The headline of the week so far is, this convention is not a disaster, which is a massive victory for Trump.”

Because yeah, the convention has been a disaster for Trump, from beginning to end. All the predictions have come true. Watch the evidence, courtesy of Media Matters for America, that losing Elizabeth Hasselbeck didn’t cure the stupid at Fox & Friends:

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): What’s your headline from last night?
TUCKER CARLSON: The headline of the week so far is, this convention is not a disaster, which is a massive victory for Trump. I don’t know a single reporter, I don’t know a single Republican poobah who was not predicting last week this was going to be a massive mess. There were gonna be dangerous protests —
AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Because of protesters?
CARLSON: Yes, but also inside the hall. That you’re going to see the party fractured. And by the way, the governor of Ohio is not here and –
DOOCY: Well that’s true.
BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): He’s at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with his other party.
CARLSON: He’s not here. And I’m not attacking Governor Kasich, who is a successful governor, but nobody cares actually. It doesn’t have any bearing on what’s happening here. So for Trump, I think, and this is not propaganda, I think it’s real, it’s a win not to fail here.

Carlson says “it’s a win not to fail here” but by what standard is the convention not a failure? What hasn’t gone wrong? Plagiarized speeches (two of them, one from Trump’s wife and one from his son) and a day devoted to a jobs bill that apparently revolves around throwing Hillary Clinton in prison, a bizarre alchemy if there ever was one. And that’s not all.

The Fox News crew is very skilled at lying and they’re all able to keep a straight face when they feed the audience this kind of nonsense, but just the fact that they feel the need to push this false narrative so aggressively shows how bad things are in GOP-land, where wishful thinking will ever “Trump” fact.