Sorry, Trump Supporters, But You Are The Loud Minority, Not The Silent Majority

Supporters of Donald Trump truly think they are part of some secret, silent majority that the media is trying to cover up, whether it’s through skewed polling or intentionally not filming Trump’s large crowds.

At Trump rallies, you’ll often see those in the audience holding signs that read, “The Silent Majority Stands with Trump.”

But as Trump continues to bleed support and Hillary Clinton extends her leads in virtually every recent public opinion poll, it’s becoming pretty obvious that the majority of Americans does not stand with the Republican nominee. In fact, they’re running from him.

Just take a look at the head-to-head polling that came out today:

Remember, these are just today’s numbers.

For the past week, the story has been the same or worse for Trump in national and swing-state surveys. The Republican nominee has even trailed Clinton in several polls out of Georgia and Arizona – states that wouldn’t even be on the table if not for an unstable GOP nominee.

And it’s not just Democrats and Independents that aren’t buying what Trump is selling – it’s Republicans.

A list of 50 GOP national security experts came out in opposition to the Republican nominee on Monday, saying he “would be the most reckless President in American history.” Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine also declared her opposition to Trump this week, calling Trump “unworthy” of the presidency.

This is not what a silent majority looks like.

In fact, it’s increasingly clear that Trump supporters are neither silent nor do they represent a majority. Instead, they are a loud sliver of America who can’t fathom the idea that most people in this country are turned off by their candidate – a know-nothing who has proudly built his candidacy on a foundation of bigotry and bombast.

Big crowds full of angry mobs chanting “lock her up” may be fun, but those things don’t make up a majority – votes do.

On that measure, it is Hillary Clinton and her supporters who are much closer to a majority than Donald Trump ever will be.