Georgia Is Now A Battleground State As Clinton And Trump Are Tied At 43%

Georgia is now solidly in battleground territory after a new poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump deadlocked in the red state

A Fox5 poll of Georgia has found that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied at 43% followed by Libertarian Gary Johnson at 11, and 3% of voters are undecided.

Polls have consistently shown that Clinton and Trump are locked in a tight race in the Peach State. What is interesting about Georgia is Trump is receiving 10% less support for Republicans than Hillary Clinton is getting from Democrats, but the problem for Trump is that the missing GOP support has found a home with Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party might have to fight a two-front battle in red states like Georgia. While Trump leads Johnson nationally by 20-30 points, the Republican nominee may have a real problem with Johnson at the state level. Gary Johnson may not be able to win a state like Georgia, but he could definitely hand the state to Hillary Clinton by keeping Republican support away from Trump.

Georgia is behind other southern states where Democrats have made great gained, but the data suggests that Georgia is on the verge of moving into more consistently being swing territory. Georgia may not be as far along the change path as Virginia, Florida, and even North Carolina, but there is something happening in the state that can’t be ignored.

It is nearly September, and Hillary Clinton has a shot at winning Georgia. The statement speaks volumes both about the changing demographics of the state and the complete disaster of a campaign that Donald Trump is running.