Trump’s New Scheme Is To Put 5 People In An RV And Call It A Field Office In Florida

Donald Trump’s latest scheme to save money while running a presidential campaign is to put a few people in an RV throw some bumper stickers and lawn signs on it, and call it a field office in Florida.

Kylie Atwood of CBS News reported:

There are several problems with Trump’s latest ploy. First, how will the RV know where to go to reach potential Trump voters in Florida when the Trump campaign has no data operation? One suspects the Trump RV is going to hang out in the mall parking lot and wait for supporters to show up. Secondly, this isn’t how field offices work. A field office exists so that supporters and staff can come to a base of operations to work, volunteer, and get more information about the campaign. Having a “field office” that constantly moving is self-defeating.

As of about a week ago, Florida political experts were reporting that Trump has zero ground game in the state. Three RV’s sitting at Arby’s aren’t going to change that. Hillary Clinton has at least 14 field offices in the state of Florida to Trump’s one headquarters and three RVs.

Every move the Trump campaign makes sends the clear message that money matters more than winning. Unless he can make a buck off of it, Trump appears to insist on doing everything on the cheap.

RVs aren’t field offices, and Donald Trump isn’t running a real presidential campaign.