Hillary Clinton Gets A Big Debate Bounce And Takes The Lead In Florida and North Carolina

New swing state polling from PPP shows that Hillary Clinton got a big debate bounce in swing states, and now leads in North Carolina and Florida.

Here are the PPP swing state results:


Voters in each of the swing states also gave Clinton a big debate win:


The connection isn’t difficult to see. Hillary Clinton did really well with the voters in the states that she most had to reach. Trump’s best performance with swing state voters was in Florida where he lost to Clinton by 18 points.

Winning the first debate is a good start, but as Mitt Romney showed in 2012 coming out strong is one debate doesn’t win an election. The second debate is vital for both campaigns. If Hillary Clinton wins the second debate by the same margin as the first debate, perceptions will be closer to becoming reality.

By winning the first debate, Clinton turned the trajectory back in her favor, but she needs two more strong debates to get the job done and become the next President Of The United States.