Ignorant Donald Trump Insults Hispanics At Practice Town Hall Event In New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s town hall event on Thursday was designed to be an easy way for the Republican nominee to prepare for Sunday’s second presidential debate against Hillary Clinton and show voters that he can connect on a personal level.

Unfortunately, Trump couldn’t even get through the event without putting his foot in his mouth and insulting Hispanic voters.


It should be no surprise that Trump doesn’t understand the difference between Hispanics and Latinos given his constant knack for insulting this large chunk of American voters. But unlike his assertion that Hispanics in Nevada like to be called Latinos, that’s not quite how it works.

As the Huffington Post notes, “‘Hispanic’ focuses on Spanish-speaking origin. This means Spain is included, but Brazil is not because Brazilians speak Portuguese. ‘Latino’ refers to people of Latin American origin. This includes Brazil and excludes Spain.”

To the Archie Bunker of presidential nominees, though, this doesn’t matter. They’re all the same.

To be sure, Trump’s comments aren’t likely to improve his numbers among Hispanic and Latino voters. A poll released just yesterday showed the Republican nominee’s level of support among Latino voters at a dismal 10 percent.

This is the last thing Trump needed heading into the second debate.