Putin’s ‘Favorite Congressman’ Defends Russia’s Interference in the U.S. Election

This is a story so full of wtf moments that I’m just going to dish it up to you straight, but you might want to put down any beverages first. File this under Ignorant Belligerence: Requirement A in Trump Administration, aka yelling at experts, “What do you know?!” and “Putin all the time!”

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), a former outcast over his pro-Putin stance, is naturally being considered for the job of Secretary of State in the Trump administration, as he defends Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.

In a troubling interview with Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, Rohrabacher didn’t deny Russia’s interference in our election in order to benefit Donald Trump and the Republican Party, but instead suggested that interference happens all of the time, and sounding a lot like a peeved Putin’s chief complaint against Hillary Clinton, justified it by saying that we do it too.

Golodryga asked, “How would Ronald Reagan feel about Russia directly having a role in our election system and compromising one of our two major party’s emails?”

Rohrabacher responded, “Well, I think anybody who wants to interfere in other people’s elections, which happened all over the world, not just Russia — we interfere in other people’s electoral system as well!”

Golodryga questioned, “So that’s fine for you?”

Rohrabacher felt sorry for Russia and said it’s okay for them to interfere since everyone does it, “No, I’m just trying to —(crosstalk) the bottom line is that Russia, when Russia does exactly what’s going on in other countries, people like yourself are villainizing it saying how horrible it is. But it’s basically happening all over the world.”

So that’s a yes, it’s cool for Russia to hack a Democrat’s emails and interfere with a U.S. election, and it also sounds again remarkably like how diplomats describe Putin’s whining about Hillary Clinton.

If you’re keeping score, that’s defending Russia with a “neener neener” America is bad too. But it gets worse.

Earlier in the interview, the Republican actually denied Putin’s well documented human rights abuses and charged, “Oh, baloney — where do you come from?”

… Only to be told that Golodryga “immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet republic of Moldova as a political refugee.”

What was his response? Take out a Trump bingo card and cry “biased!”

“Then the audience knows you’re biased,” Rohrabacher spat back in what Yahoo described as a “contentious exchange.”

Rohrabacher stumbled over himself to get out of that one and then, after embarrassing himself a great deal, finally settled on “but China!”, adding that we will only get peace by being friends with Russia (note: the ideas offered up by the Republican Congressman do not correspond with the advice of people who are actually thinking about what is best for America).

Rohrabacher also said what’s so great about Donald Trump is that “Donald Trump doesn’t care if it’s right, he’s the type that will take the call from Taiwan even if makes the gangsters in Beijing angry.”

He had us at “Donald Trump doesn’t care if it’s right.” Pssst Congressman: We know! That’s the problem!

Also, we should suck up to Russia. “If it’s right for us to join in and cooperate and have a better relationship with Russia in order to defeat radical Islam and to pull China back a bit, well that’s a good thing, and that’s what this is all about… it’s better to cooperate with them to actually take on real enemies.”

It’s better to “cooperate” (and by cooperate, the Trump people mean give Putin his top priorities because nothing says working for U.S. citizens quite like being a Putin puppet) with Russia, says the man who gets information directly from the Russian government, “This summer, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher used information he received directly from the Russian government to promote one of President Vladimir Putin’s top priorities: removing the name of the martyred Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky from a global anti-corruption law.”

It would be foolish to try to predict Donald Trump’s next move, because fickle mercurial showman is fickle, but if I had to I’d guess when he’s done humiliating Mitt Romney, Putin’s boy will be our next Secretary of State.

But it’s enough that the guy who ran on locking up Clinton over her private email server would be seriously considering someone who gets his information from Russia.

The only question remaining is are there any patriots left in the Republican Party besides Sens. Graham and McCain.

Image: Screencap from Yahoo News video