Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges To Historic New Low Days Before Inauguration

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:47 pm

America is not giving Donald Trump a warm welcome to the White House as a new poll found that Trump’s job approval rating has dropped seven points to 37% over the past month.

According to Quinnipiac University, Trump has an unfavorable rating of 51% and unfavorable rating of 37%. The president-elect’s favorability ratings are down seven points over the last 30 days.

Respondents also had highly unfavorable views of Trump’s personal traits:

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53 – 39 percent that he is not honest, compared to 52 – 42 percent November 22;
49 – 44 percent that he has good leadership skills, compared to 56 – 38 percent;
52 – 44 percent that he does not care about average Americans, compared to 51 – 45 percent who said he did care;
62 – 33 percent that he is not level-headed, compared to 57 – 38 percent;
71 – 25 percent that he is a strong person, compared to 74 – 23 percent;
68 – 27 percent that he is intelligent, compared to 74 – 21 percent.

Trump is not even in office yet, and he has already broken his own record for being the least popular president-elect in history. Respondents by a margin of 45%-34% believed that Trump would be a worse president than Obama.

Donald Trump has never been a popular political figure, but the notion of beginning his presidency by taking healthcare away from nearly 30 million Americans has come back to haunt him. Trump doesn’t have a positive agenda for the country, and the endlessly negative president-elect is seeing his own negativity thrown back at him by the American people.

Trump never inspires confidence. The takeaways from the Quinnipiac University poll are that most Americans don’t like Trump. They have no faith that he cares about them, and they think he is going to be a pretty lousy president.

Never in modern history has a president-elect gotten off to such a terrible start with the public.

Donald Trump is reaping the seeds of division and hate that he sowed during his presidential campaign. It has come full circle, as America is stuck with a president-elect that they really don’t like.

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