Mitch McConnell Spits On Democracy By Hiding From Protesters In Kentucky

Protesters were waiting for Mitch McConnell outside of the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce luncheon, so Sen. McConnell showed his true colors by hiding from the protesters by sneaking into the building through a hotel back door.

After last night’s disastrous interaction that made national news with McConnell getting an earful from a constituent, the Senate Majority Leader opted for a different strategy on Wednesday:

Here are some pictures of the protesters:

McConnell is under fire for the Republican plan to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans. He is also facing a ton of heat from constituents who are demanding an investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia.

A true leader doesn’t sneak in through the back door. Real leaders don’t hide when they are faced with protesters. Sen. McConnell is in hiding because he knows that the Trump/GOP agenda is very unpopular. He can’t defend it, so he is running away from those who want to confront him.

Republicans can’t run away from the rage of the American people. There will be no back door to hide from the ballot box in 2018.