Rachel Maddow Is Now Growing 3 Times Faster Than Fox News As Her Ratings Surge

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is on a roll as her show is growing three times faster than Fox News.

Here are the impressive numbers for February 2017 for The Rachel Maddow Show:

• “The Rachel Maddow Show” delivered more growth than FOX News in both total viewers (+99% vs CNN’s +70% and FOX News’ +31%) and the A25-54 demo (+93% vs. FOX News’ +55%) over February 2016. This is the program’s best total viewer delivery in the hour ever, and the best demo delivery since November 2012.

• “The Rachel Maddow Show” averaged 2.3 million total viewers and 528,000 viewers A25-54

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Rachel Maddow’s Show is growing faster than Fox News regarding both younger viewers and total viewership. Fox News still has more viewers overall than MSNBC because they are in more US homes, but the growth that Maddow is putting up is impressive. Maddow is growing nearly twice as fast as Fox News with younger viewers.

Maddow is benefiting from the energy of Democrats and left. The majority of the country doesn’t support President Trump, and his election has moved through the left like a lightning bolt. Those who may have become complacent during Obama’s presidency are once again awake. People are looking for answers, and Rachel Maddow is the only person on cable news who connects the dots to tell viewers what is really going on.

The Rachel Maddow Show is a unique program on weeknight cable news. It isn’t talking heads and bombast. There are no roundtable discussions with a cast of thousands screaming over one another. Maddow’s show is a sea of calm and facts in a political landscape that is being shaken by the lies and chaos of Donald Trump.

Fox News is at the top of the ratings mountain, but like Trump, they are living on borrowed time. Fox has the oldest audience of any network on television. The network thrives because they have cornered the market on conservative viewers.

In the time of Trump, Rachel Maddow is offering something that America needs. She is bringing truth and facts in a credible way. While Trump rages at CNN, the real threat to his dream of a state-run fawning media apparatus is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

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