Rachel Maddow Says There Is ‘Something New and Big’ Happening With Trump-Russia Scandal


After a day full of more explosive news in the ongoing scandal involving Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, Rachel Maddow said the developments show that “something new and big” is happening with this story – and it has all unfolded in the last two days.

Maddow put particular emphasis on top Democrat Adam Schiff’s comments today that there is “more than circumstantial” evidence to suggest that the Russians worked with Trump associates to defeat Hillary Clinton in last year’s election.



Maddow said:

Whether or not the intelligence committees continue their investigations, the top Democrat who is part of that investigation in the House says there is something new and big that has just arisen since Monday that is evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians during the Russian attack. That’s a big deal. And so whoever is going to carry on with this investigation, it seems more important than ever that this investigation carry on.

The MSNBC star recalled how, just Monday night, Congressman Schiff was saying there wasn’t much more than circumstantial evidence showing coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians. At the time, even that was pretty big news.

But in a matter of two days, Schiff’s tone on the matter suggests there is, indeed, something big and new that has been uncovered during the behind-the-scenes investigation.

Just a few hours ago, in fact, a bombshell CNN report claimed new information shows that Trump campaign associates may have worked with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. If proven true, it would be a stunning development.

As Maddow said on Wednesday, this scandal seems to be getting deeper and each new revelation is more explosive than the last. It is more important now than ever not just that the investigation continue, but that it carry on in a thorough and bipartisan way.

The American people deserve it.