GOP Leaders Are Now Trying To End Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions, Young Adults

As Republicans frantically negotiate with each other in order to get enough votes to pass unpopular Trumpcare, some GOP leaders are asking for the provisions covering pre-existing conditions and young adults – the most popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act – to be removed from the Republican plan.

According to reporting by MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, some of the more conservative members of the House of Representatives are saying they may support the legislation if those two critical components are removed.


Kasie Hunt reports:

These conservatives who have opposed it have essentially come out and said, ‘Look, this is Obamacare-lite; it’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do.’ It’s very hard to move off of that position once you’ve drawn that line in the sand … The problem is, the more concessions they’ve given over there, it’s worn down the moderate members that they still do need … And now I’m hearing they’re talking about pre-existing conditions, they’re talking about kids who are on their parents plans until the age of 26 and for moderates, that’s a complete non-starter.

Not only would taking an ax to those two provisions turn off moderate members of the GOP, it would be devastating to millions of Americans who have relied on those components of Obamacare to get insurance coverage and life-saving treatment.

If there is one thing just about every American agrees on, regardless of party, it’s that these two parts of the Affordable Care Act should remain untouched. Republicans are so desperate to win over conservative members of the house that they’re forgetting that.

The GOP no longer cares what impact this legislation has on the country – just that they’re able to get it through Congress and score a political victory. After Trump promised to cover everybody under his plan, millions more Americans would be without health coverage and pay more out-of-pocket for care – all so this childish president could get something, anything done.

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