Fox News Reeling As A Big Bombshell Just Dropped In The Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Scandal

During an appearance on MSNBC, attorney Lisa Bloom dropped a bombshell by telling NBC’s Kate Snow that she has been flooded with phone calls from women who were at Fox News who were sexually harassed.


Bloom was talking about her client Wendy Walsh when she said, “I’ve been flooded with calls all week, by the way, from Fox News women all week. I’m happy to talk to them.”

Kate Snow asked, “Did you just say you’ve been flooded with calls women who worked at Fox News?”

Bloom answered, “Yes.”

Snow, “So are there others out there who you think want to talk?”

Bloom, “There are many others.”

Snow, “How many calls have you gotten?”

Bloom, “I can’t tell you, but there’s a lot. There’s a lot. This is a real problem.”

Kate Snow brought up how this could be similar to the Bill Cosby case where there was a steady drip, drip, drip of women coming forward.

So far, advertisers have gotten away with pulling their ads from O’Reilly’s show and reassigning them to other programs on the Fox News Channel, which is why it is important for consumers to demand that advertisers pull of their ads from Fox News until Bill O’Reilly is fired.

Fox News didn’t clean up their culture of sexual harassment by getting rid of Roger Ailes. They just shoved it under the rug.

More women are out there. Fox News is not going to be able to ride this out and hope it goes away.

The women are going to keep coming forward, eventually, the advertisers will leave, and when that happens Fox News will begin to feel it in their bottom line.

After Roger Ailes, the old playbook isn’t going to work. Fox News is scared because this is the kind of scandal that can put any company no matter how big out of business.

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