Trump Just Suffered The Most Crushing Defeat Of His Presidency As Trumpcare Is Dead Again

A 22nd House Republican has announced that he is opposed to the reworked version of Trumpcare, which means that the president has suffered a crushing defeat that makes him a two-time loser on healthcare.

Here was the final nail in the coffin:

Trump made the fundamental mistake of sacrificing any other possible yes votes by negotiating a deal with the far-right House Freedom Caucus. Instead of trying to bring Democrats and moderate Republicans involved in the process, Trump cut a deal with an extremist faction that still wasn’t enough votes to get the bill through the House.

Many members of the House don’t want to remove coverage protections and give insurance companies the ability to charge individuals with preexisting conditions more than other customers.

With Speaker of the House Paul Ryan saying that a bill won’t come to the House floor until it has the votes to pass, the second version of Trumpcare may not even get a vote in the House.

This is the second time that Trump has tried to pass a health care bill, and it is the second time that he has failed. It is a crushing defeat for this president, who after more than 100 days in office remains without a significant legislative accomplishment.