Republicans Just Voted Themselves Out Of Office By Passing Disastrous Trumpcare Bill, 217-213

House Republicans just voted themselves out of office in 2018 by voting for a health care bill that would harm hundreds of millions of Americans that just made 2018 midterm politics very personal.

The final vote was 217-213.

The House debate was more of the same that the nation has witnessed in previous debates over health care. Republicans claimed that the American people deserve the “freedom to not have health insurance.” What Republicans left out of their side of the debate was that the AHCA is going to make insurance cost more and provide less coverage.

People will pre-existing conditions won’t be able to find coverage that they can afford and at least 24 million people are going to lose their coverage.

Before the vote, House Democratic Leader. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called Trumpcare a zombie that has come back to life and is even worse than before.

Video of Pelosi:

The American Health Care Act is the least popular piece of legislation in the history of polling. It doesn’t matter if the bill dies in the Senate. The damage has been done.

House Republicans didn’t learn from how Democrats passed Obamacare. What Republicans did on Trumpcare was even worse. They attacked a popular piece of legislation that the American people want to keep. Paul Ryan and Donald Trump gave Democrats a powerful weapon to use against them in the midterms.

Pelosi warned House Republican moderates that if they vote for this bill they will every detail tattooed on their forehead, and they will glow in the dark.

Democrats already had momentum heading into the 2018 midterms, and Republicans just handed them the personal issue that will drive voters to the polls.

With a single vote, House Republicans committed political suicide all so they could give Donald Trump an empty win that destroyed their party.