Nancy Pelosi Rips Trump: Either He’s Grossly Incompetent Or Intentionally Helping Russia

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a blistering attack on Donald Trump on Monday, saying the reporting that he leaked highly classified intelligence to Russia proves that he’s either voluntarily turning over intelligence to the Russians or he’s grossly incompetent.

Both are “very terrible” possibilities, Pelosi said.


Pelosi said: “The president could be saying something that’s in the public domain but confirming it to the Russians in a way that’s very dangerous. If it was on purpose, that would be terrible. If it was accidental, that would be very terrible too.”

The minority leader went on to say that Trump’s “loose lips” could have far-reaching and potentially deadly consequences.


Pelosi said, “Loose lips can sink ships, and it’s really true. … This messy approach to intelligence that is very endangering.”

The minority leader’s comments are exactly right. It’s almost a non-issue whether Trump meant to hand over this sensitive information to the Russians during his private meeting, or if he did it because he didn’t know any better.

This is the commander-in-chief, after all, and either of those options should be unacceptable to the American people and disqualifying for anybody serving in the most powerful office in the world.

But, at the present moment, this is where the country stands.

The President of the United States – the supposed leader of the free world – is either knowingly handing over highly classified intelligence to a foreign adversary or he isn’t smart enough to understand when certain information is too sensitive to just freely discuss.

Either option is terrifying.