“Frustrated, Angry, Exhausted, Sad”: Trump Administration Officials Know The Roof Is Caving In

Not even those inside Donald Trump’s White House can pretend that things in the administration haven’t totally gone off the rails.

According to reporting by NBC’s Hallie Jackson, those inside the White House – or those with connections to administration officials – say that the West Wing is in total collapse.


Jackson reported: “If you were to make a word cloud, I think these are the words that you would include: Frustrated, angry, exhausted. Sad is one word that somebody said. Demoralized. I heard the phrase ‘body blows,’ as in what has happened over the past week. The series of events that has occurred.”

These aren’t words coming from Trump’s critics – these are inside sources at the White House.

It’s clear that publicly, administration officials and most GOP members of Congress are still trying to remain calm and protect the president simply because he’s a Republican.

But privately, the roof is beginning to cave in as one unprecedented revelation after another is reported to the public.

These developments – the firing of James Comey, the reporting that Trump demanded loyalty from Comey and asked him to halt the Michael Flynn investigation, the fact that Trump divulged classified intelligence to the Russians, today’s news that House majority leader Kevin McCarthy said Trump was being paid by Putin, and now the appointment of a special prosecutor  – are all forcing Republicans into a corner.

The GOP may not have found their spines yet when it comes to putting country above their political agenda, but it’s only a matter of time before they, too, have had enough of what appears to be a massive cover-up by this president.