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Trump Supporters Make Racist Death Threats Against Congressman Calling For Impeachment

Democratic Rep. Al Green – one of the top advocates for impeaching Donald Trump – told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Saturday that he has been receiving racist threats on his life since calling for the president’s impeachment.

Apparently, holding the president accountable for trying to block an investigation – a criminal act – doesn’t jive well with Trump’s supporters.


Green, who is holding a town hall today, said this:

Yes, we have received some threats and we will be playing the recordings today so that people can assess the threats and make their own decisions. But when people say that they will lynch you, I think you have to take that seriously. And as a result, we have some extreme security measures in place here today.

Green has been one of the most outspoken members of Congress calling for the president’s impeachment, even taking to the House floor earlier in the week, saying Trump’s “obstruction of justice” provides enough grounds for it.

But instead of defending the man they still support on the merits, which they can’t, those who still back Trump have resorted to doing what the president himself does on occasion –  make racist threats against those who want to hold him accountable.

Not only is this behavior dangerous and unacceptable, but it proves that Trump’s supporters are growing increasingly worried about the potential that their savior may soon be out of work.

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