Trump’s Nightmares Are All Coming True As Visitor Logs To Be Released For Mar-a-Lago

As part of ongoing litigation related to making Trump’s visitor logs public, the Department of Homeland Security will be releasing the visitor logs to Trump’s private Florida club on September 8.

CREW made the announcement in a statement:

The Trump White House has fought transparency at every turn, so getting the logs for his Florida private club is an important victory. The American people deserve to know who is meeting with the president that is supposed to be serving them.

There are two areas of importance to look for in the visitor logs. The logs will probably shed light on Trump conflicts of interest, and how he could be using the presidency for personal profit and financial gain. There is also the possibility of something Russia related being in the logs, but the more revelations will probably come in the area of Trump conflicts of interest.

Donald Trump does not want the American people to know who he is meeting with, and what he is doing. Obtaining the public release of the logs is a big deal, and it is also one of Trump’s biggest nightmares.