Mentally Ill Trump Fired Sean Spicer Because He Wasn’t Good Looking Enough To Be On TV

Sean Spicer officially quit as press secretary, but the real story according to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is that Trump hired amateur Anthony Scaramucci as communications director because he wanted better-looking men pushing his message on television.


Wallace said, “Jay Sekulow, who’s now the face of the legal effort, and Scaramucci is a frequent face on Fox News are two close friends. I understand that they are the kinds of faces the kinds of fires that Donald Trump wanted to infuse the image of his White House. I think everybody here knows that Donald Trump is not a man steeped in the machinations of policymaking or the ups and downs of the presidency. He knows scant presidential, or frankly world history. That’s laid bare in the New York Times report about his almost child like references to Napoleon and how he ultimately perished. This is about the President hiring better front men. The President continuing to be obsessed with how he’s perceived on cable news.”

The MSNBC host said later, “I wish this were a story about a really important job inside the White House. A post that speaks for the country and the President around the world, but this is about Donald Trump wanting better-looking men spreading his message.”

Sean Spicer wasn’t pushed out of the White House for competency reasons. Spicer lost his job because he wasn’t pretty enough for Trump, and didn’t have the Fox News seal of approval. Spicer came with Priebus to the White House, so his departure does not bode well for the future of Priebus as chief of staff.

Trump is running the country based on people’s physical looks. It speaks to the strength of our nation that it has been able to withstand six months of Trump.