Trump’s Twitter Rampage Backfires As Richard Blumenthal Doubles Down On Russia Investigation


Despite Donald Trump’s childish and deeply personal attacks on Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Monday, the Connecticut senator refused to lose focus of the special counsel investigation into Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia during last year’s election.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Sen. Blumenthal – a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee – said Trump’s Monday morning attacks will not distract him from the investigation.



Blumenthal said:

I won’t be distracted by these bullying tweets. If anything, they strengthen my resolve and determination to work for protecting the special counsel against exactly these tactics of bullying and intimidating, and that’s the reason that I have joined with two other Republicans and four of us Democrats in sponsoring bills that would protect the special counsel, require judicial review – a three-judge panel who would have to find good cause … before Donald Trump could fire Bob Mueller. And there are growing, ominous threats, tweets and warnings that we’ve seen – the world has seen – that we’re heading toward a collision between Bob Mueller and the President of the United States.

The Democratic senator’s renewed commitment to focusing on the Russia investigation and other key issues comes after Trump released several tweets on Monday targeting Blumenthal.


Despite Trump’s latest unhinged tantrum, Sen. Blumenthal is clearly not taking the president’s bait or stooping to his level. Instead, the Democrat is digging in his feet and doubling down on the ongoing and increasingly serious investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia – and he’s working with Republicans to protect Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

The more this president takes to Twitter to bully those running the investigation into his ties to Russia, the more guilty he looks and the more determined those investigating him become.