Faux Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. Tells Trump To Label GOPers Who Oppose Him ‘Fake Republicans’

Jerry Falwell Jr. has a new piece of advice for Donald Trump as he becomes increasingly under attack from members of his own party: Start calling the GOPers who speak out against him “fake Republicans.”

In an interview with Trump puppet Sean Hannity – shocker – Falwell Jr. said he personally gave the president that advice last week.


After Hannity mentioned all the Republicans who have opposed Trump, including Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain, faux Christian Falwell Jr. said:

I spoke to the president last week and I told him he needs to coin a new term: Fake Republicans. Because that’s what those people you just named are. They’re not really Republicans. We don’t really have a majority in the Senate, and I think that would be a good term for him to start using, but the fact that he spoke to the Values Voters Summit today, first sitting president ever, and the fact that he did his first graduation speech at Liberty University. The tradition has been for the new president to do their first graduation speech at Notre Dame for generations, but he came to Liberty. I think it’s a sign that … we’re under full assault from the left, all traditional American values, from the state of Israel to even the NFL.

To make matters worse, just before Falwell Jr. babbled this nonsense, Hannity gushed over Trump’s latest moves on healthcare, calling them a “miracle.” It’s unclear which church taught these two men the definition of “miracle,” but it doesn’t take a religious expert to know that taking healthcare away from millions of Americans wouldn’t fall under that definition.

At the end of the day, Republicans who oppose this dangerous president are not “fake.” It is folks like Sean Hannity and Jerry Falwell Jr. who support this president – through each disastrous policy decision and every single revelation about his despicable personal conduct – that are faux Christians.