Adam Schiff Trump Money Laundering

Relentless Adam Schiff Is Coming After Trump Money Laundering

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on The Rachel Maddow that if Democrats win back the House and an investigation remains necessary, the Russia probe will be back.


Schiff said, “What I would expect is we will look at the work that’s been done. If the work has been done by the Senate Intelligence Committee or by special counsel Bob Mueller and we have done a full investigation, they may not be necessary. If it hasn’t, we have to look at the work that remains to be done. One issue that concerns me is we were not allowed to investigate whether the leverage the Russians have over this president is money laundering and whether the Russians did hear what they did elsewhere through the Trump Organization. The Senate is not investigating that, either. I hope Bob Mueller is but issues like that that expose the country to leverage or over the president of the United States not go investigate it, we would need to. I want to say one other thing that really stands out to me about this sad chapter in our committee and that is many of us could see Donald Trump was going to be a very poor president. What we couldn’t see is how willing to resign their obligations under the Constitution in our system of checks and balances in the service of that deeply flawed our constitution is only as good as the people that uphold it and by shutting down this investigation shows that the people upholding it are really not living up to their responsibility.”

If Democrats win back the House, Adam Schiff is coming after Trump money laundering

Democrats are in a good position to take back the House in November, and if they do, Rep. Schiff will be the next chairman of House Intelligence Committee. This will mean that the free ride is over for Trump on the House Russia investigation. His enablers and obstructors will be out of power. Donald Trump will have to deal with a congressional committee doing an investigation into business interests and whether or not he laundered money for the Russians.
The investigation is far from finished. Democrats are one midterm election victory away from bringing Trump’s worst nightmares to life.

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