Trump Is So Panicked About Michael Cohen That He’s Unable To Perform Basic Presidential Tasks


Donald Trump is so panicked about the Michael Cohen raids that he can’t carry out the basic tasks required of a president.

According to The Atlantic reporter Elaina Plott, who appeared on MSNBC on Monday, Trump is “consumed” by the recent Cohen developments and “isn’t in the headspace” to think about anything else.



Plott reported that Trump’s unhealthy obsession with Cohen is the reason why the president can’t even think about firing EPA head Scott Pruitt, despite everybody in the administration wanting him to do so:

I want to be careful to delineate between the White House and Donald Trump. What I’m told by sources in the EPA, at this point it’s everyone but Trump now who wants Scott Pruitt gone. I’ve also been told that right now Donald Trump is consumed by Michael Cohen. The news of the raid, whether he might flip. That just consumes his every waking moment and he doesn’t have the head space right now to even think about Scott Pruitt.

Trump is so scared, he’s incapable of doing his job

For years, American television-watchers saw Donald Trump bask in the glory of firing people on his reality show. Now, as he’s paralyzed with fear over the legal trouble he and his personal lawyer could be in, he can’t even complete that simple task.

If Trump doesn’t have the mental wherewithal to remove a corrupt individual from his administration, then how can the American people trust him to do the more complicated aspects of his job?

The simple answer, of course, is something we’ve known since very early on in this president’s term: The American people can’t trust him to carry out the functions of this powerful position.

Mentally, morally and intellectually, Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States. This fact becomes clearer each day, especially as a legal hurricane continues to swirl ever closer to the White House.