Barack Obama Blows Trump Out Of The Water With Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message

Former President Barack Obama showed the country what a role model he continues to be for husbands and fathers everywhere on Sunday, tweeting out a heartfelt Mother’s Day message for “the remarkable moms” in his life.

The 44th president’s note to mothers blew Donald Trump’s out of the water, as the current president failed to even mention the most important mother in his life – First Lady Melania Trump – during his Mother’s Day address.

There was no contest between Obama’s Mother’s Day message and Trump’s Trump’s lifeless address on Sunday when he slogged his way through a set of remarks he was likely reading for the first time.

There is no longer a role model in the White House

One thing we have learned quickly since Trump took office – although most of us recognized this well before he was elected – is that he is the last person that should be looked up to as a role model.

Whether it’s Trump’s vulgar personal conduct as a serial adulterer and a pathological liar or his reckless and corrupt behavior as president, the more the country sees from the 45th president, the more we realize how could we had it with his predecessor.

Even though Barack Obama’s time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has expired, he continues to demonstrate how a real president should conduct himself.