Sean Hannity Flipped Out And Told Witnesses To Commit Crimes Because He And Trump Are Going Down

Sean Hannity told his Fox News audience, which included Donald Trump to destroy evidence related to the Russia scandal, because as a Michael Cohen client, Sean Hannity, and his meal ticket president are going down.


No one in media has more at stake in the Russia scandal than Hannity

Sean Hannity is Trump’s chief propagandist on Fox News, but Hannity was also a client of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. Hannity has nightly late night phone calls with Trump to discuss strategy and policy. Hannity was implicated as part of the cover-up that Trump and Cohen were trying to pull off according to the latest Stormy Daniels lawsuit. Sean Hannity isn’t another conservative media figure touting Trump for ratings.

Hannity is a Trump insider and the biggest television cog in the Trump propaganda machine.

If Trump goes down for Russia or anything related to Michael Cohen, Hannity is likely going with him, but just from a simple ratings perspective, Trump has saved Sean Hannity’s career. Hannity was the third most popular host on Fox News’ primetime lineup. He was such a failure when it came to retaining the viewers of his O’Reilly Factor lead in that he was demoted to 10 PM. Sean Hannity has moved back to the top of the cable news heap, and 9 PM by becoming Trump’s platform for conspiracies, propaganda, and fake news.

Even if Hannity manages to make it out of the Trump scandals clean, if Trump goes away, so does his career revival.

Hannity will lose it all.

There is an interesting case to be made that if Sean Hannity’s “advice” to Mueller’s witnesses came from Trump himself, it was criminal. There would need to be evidence that Trump and Hannity worked together to tell witnesses to destroy evidence for this to be the case, but what is undeniable is that Trump is Sean Hannity’s meal ticket, and without Trump, Sean Hannity will be back to right wing obscurity.

Hannity needs Trump to survive, which is why he encouraged Mueller’s witnesses to commit crimes.

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