Trump Defends Savage Dictator Kim Jong Un By Saying ‘Other People’ Have Done Bad Things Too

In another example that Donald Trump holds savage dictators in high regard, the American president went on Fox News and defended North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

After Fox News’ Brett Baier said, “[Kim Jong Un] is a killer. He’s clearly executing people,” Trump cut him off and started to heap praise on the North Korean tyrant.

“He’s a tough guy,” Trump said, praising Kim’s leadership style. “He’s a very smart guy. He’s a great negotiator, but I think we understand each other.”


When Trump was done showering the North Korean leader with praise, Baier pushed back again, reminding the U.S. president that Kim has “done some really bad things.”

Trump shrugged it off, telling the Fox News host that “a lot of other people have done some really bad things.”

“I mean, I could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done,” he added.

The president’s praise of the brutal dictator comes after his sham Summit with the North Korean leader in Singapore in which the United States gave Kim Jong Un everything he wanted and got nothing in return.

Trump idolizes brutal dictators because he wants to be one

Trump’s praise of Kim Jong Un is not an isolated incident.

He has repeatedly praised not just the North Korean dictator, who leads one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in the world, but he has lauded other authoritarian leaders, too, like Russian president Vladimir Putin and Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte.

Contrast Trump’s rhetoric toward dictators with his treatment of American allies, and it becomes even more startling.

At the end of the day, Trump doesn’t care about human rights violations, international norms or American values. All he cares about is power, and he admires leaders who have been able to seize that power, regardless of the means.

Donald Trump may think it makes him look strong to talk tough, push away U.S. allies and hold brutal dictators close, but it only exposes his insecurities and reveals what type of leader he wishes he could be.

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