Democrats Refuse To Negotiate With Terrorist Trump On Kidnapping Of Immigrant Kids

Trump thinks he has political leverage to force Democrats to pay for his wall by terrorizing immigrants with family separation at the border, but Democrats are refusing to negotiate.

Trump’s tweets make it clear what he is up to:

Trump thinks that the American people are stupid

Democrats had nothing to do with Trump’s policy of taking children away from their parents at the border, but since Trump thinks every American is as easily lied to and misled as Fox News viewers, he believes that he can con the American people into blaming Democrats and then public pressure will force the Democrats to fund his border wall that he promised that Mexico would be paying for.

Trump is terrorizing immigrants, but Democrats refuse to negotiate

Trump is engaging in a form of terrorism against immigrants and children. He is causing psychological damage to thousands of people all because he lied about Mexico paying for his border wall.

According to The Washington Post, Senate Democrats are going to give Trump nothing:

If Republicans come together, the bill would need to attract Democratic support to pass the Senate. “They’re claiming it addressed separations, but clearly, when you put that in a bill that funds a wall and won’t get Democratic votes, they don’t have a serious plan,” said Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.). “They never expected the bill to pass.”

Democrats aren’t going to pay the ransom, which means that terrorist Trump is not going to get his wall.

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