Obama Shows The Presidential Leadership America Needs In Uplifting Eulogy At McCain’s Funeral

Barack Obama lifted the nation up on Saturday with a message of unity that the country has desperately needed – not just after the death of American hero John McCain, but after a year and a half of Donald Trump‘s toxic politics.

The 44th president looked back fondly on the times he and McCain sparred politically, and he made the crowd at the National Cathedral laugh.

He also spoke about how John McCain was a firm believer in democracy, the truth and the freedom of the press – all of which are under attack in the Trump era.

Obama concluded his speech by talking about how “small” and “petty” politics has become in recent years. Obama said the best way to honor McCain is for us to change that and “be better.”

Meanwhile, Trump is throwing a tantrum on Twitter

Once again, Barack Obama rose to the occasion to deliver a message of hope that America has desperately needed in the Trump era.

And to deepen the contrast between the former president and the one we’re saddled with now, Donald Trump was back home tweeting conspiracy theories and whining about NAFTA during McCain’s funeral.

When America loses a hero like John McCain, it falls on the President of the United States to offer a message of unity to honor that loss. In the absence of that type of leader, Barack Obama gladly took that role. He lifted up the nation in the process.

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