With Prison Hanging Over His Head, Eric Trump Begs Republicans To Vote

The president’s son, Eric Trump, showed some of the desperation that is building in the Republican Party as he begged Republicans to show up and vote during an interview on Fox News.


Trump said with what took on a pleading tone, “I hear from people all the time, you know, my guy is trump. My guy isn’t on the ballot. I’m not going to go out and vote. Please, please, whatever you do, you cannot think that way. By not voting you’re effectively voting against him.”

Eric Trump’s Argument is not going to work

Eric Trump’s argument that a non-vote is a vote against his dad is not going to work. I know this because the exact same argument didn’t work for Democrats when they tried it in 2010 and 2014. It also didn’t work for Republicans in 2006.

The argument that Eric Trump pulled out is one the last stands that parties that about to get creamed at the polls always resort to. Republicans, like Democrats after 2008, have a sense of contentment. The Republican problem is even worse, because they were not expected to win in 2016, and they have a president who keeps undermining their get out the vote efforts by telling his supporters that everything is going to be fine, while he promises an imaginary red wave made up of Democrats who cross over to vote for Republican candidates.

The Trump Family Is Desperate

A recent investigation revealed that entire Trump family business is nothing more than a pump and dump fraud scheme. If Democrats take back all or one chamber of Congress, Eric Trump, and the Trump family finances are going to come under more scrutiny and investigation than they ever have before. The Trump family is already under investigation in New York where their foundation has been referred to as a criminal enterprise.

A real investigation of the Trump family finances could result in state charges that could send members of the Trump family to prison.

Republicans are using everything from voter suppression to violent protests to try to cling to power. It is the behavior of a political party that can’t run and win on the issues and no popular accomplishments to tout. The president son is practically begging Republicans to get out and vote, but why should they? They got the massive tax cut and two Supreme Court justices. Their big motivation was getting the Supreme Court. Now that they have it, the Republican Party is in for a period of content complacency that could go beyond 2018 and into 2020.

The desperation, just as the threat of the Trump family’s criminal con being exposed, is growing and getting more real by the day.’

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