House Dem Reminds Her Party That Nancy Pelosi Is The Reason For Obamacare And Wall Street Reform

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:48 pm

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One Democratic congresswoman is urging members of her party to ignore the caricature of Nancy Pelosi that Republicans have painted and instead look at her actual record.

According to Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, there would be no Affordable Care Act or Wall Street reform – among other huge Democratic accomplishments – without the leadership of Pelosi.

Rep. Holmes Norton said, “Isn’t it interesting that no one is making a case against her because there is no case to be made.”


The Democratic congresswoman said:

Nancy Pelosi is the only Democrat with a track record to be Speaker at this time. She is the only Democrat who has the experience to dealing with the Republicans in the Senate and Donald Trump. There is no alternative to her. The only question is, is she going to be the Speaker now or is she going to be the Speaker later? I mean, she is the only Democrat with the kind of track record that you could put up if somebody were running against her. For example, what she did with Obamacare when even the president faltered. What she did with Wall Street reform. What she did with those few short years when we were in the majority. Isn’t it interesting that no one is making a case against her because there is no case to be made. So why do we want to start off weak? She won’t be weak because she’s got to win at some point. Who will look weak is the caucus itself when its first item of business is not business but the inevitable woman who is going to be Speaker. We act like we don’t know how to govern. That’s not how to govern.

Democrats shouldn’t care what Republicans think of Nancy Pelosi

The debate over whether Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker of the House seems purely driven by Republican talking points.

But Democrats shouldn’t decide who their leader is on GOP terms. Instead, they should ignore the noise and choose the person best able to lead the party in the Trump era – regardless of what the GOP has to say.

Republicans may enjoy using Nancy Pelosi as a political punching bag, but that’s likely because even they recognize how effective she is whenever she’s given the gavel.

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