Nicolle Wallace Turns Her Studio Into A List Of People And Things Trump Has Attacked

Nicolle Wallace shredded Trump’s calls for decorum by turning her studio into a list of the people and things that Trump has attacked.

Wallace said:

Someone tried to teach the president a new word this week. A term that was very closely associated with every former American president except maybe Nixon. Here’s Donald Trump trying best to use decorum in a sentence.

(Trump): Decorum. Yep, practice decorum. We’ll have rules of decorum.


(Wallace): I’m not sure that it means what he thinks it means because each of those lectures on decorum came as part of an attack on the media. It’s clear Trump hasn’t grasped the concept. A lesson on decorum rings hollow from a president whose insults and attacks on Twitter now number in almost the thousands. They target Democrats, Republicans, military heroes, immigrants, U.S. Allies, athletes, women and people of and that might work for a reality TV star or a schoolyard bully, but when you’re the president of the United States, lack of decorum can pose a danger to the country. In the case of the president, can mean the destruction of the constitutional norms that once made America great.


To Trump, Decorum Means Silencing Press Freedom

For the Trump White House, decorum isn’t about civility and decency. To Trump, decorum is an effort to silence the press. As Nicolle Wallace, pointed out by turning her studio into a list of the people, organizations, and institutions that he has attacked, decorum should begin in the White House. It is absurd that this president would expect decorum from the press when he shows no restraint or decency in his public communications.

Trump is trying to silence the press, and Nicolle Wallace showed why his calls for decorum are the empty words of clueless wannabe authoritarian.

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