Rachel Maddow Says Trump Has More Corruption In One Day Than Most Presidents Have In A Full Term


Rachel Maddow said on Thursday that Donald Trump’s administration has more corruption in a single day than most presidents have throughout their entire term.

The MSNBC host pointed to the developments this week – from Michael Cohen’s sentencing to Trump’s involvement in the illegal payment scheme in 2016 to a massive pay-to-play scheme involving the president’s inaugural committee – as evidence that this presidency is the most scandal-ridden in history.

“That would be kind of enough drama for one president total, right?” Maddow said. “That would be enough drama and presidential scandal and potential legal liability for the president to outshadow the worst thing that happened in the presidency of most American presidents.”

The MSNBC host pointed out how many of Trump’s closest allies – from his campaign chairman to his deputy campaign chairman to his personal lawyer to his national security adviser – are “either in jail or awaiting sentencing for felony convictions.”


“Nobody else has ever lived through a moment in the American presidency like this,” Maddow said. “We’re the first.”


Maddow said:

So what a day, right? What a moment that we’re all living through. Just to draw the bottom line here. The president’s campaign chairman and deputy campaign chairman and national security adviser have all plead guilty to felonies, and they’re all either in jail or awaiting sentencing for felony convictions. The president’s lawyer is going to prison. The president’s business is in the crosshairs on at least one of the felonies for which his lawyer is now going to children. His adult children are potentially on the hook for that specifically or directly. His inaugural committee is now under federal criminal investigation. And this is all separate and apart from the special counsel’s investigation which continues to aggressively investigate whether he and his campaign conspired with Russia to rig the presidential election. And, oh by the way, in that one they’re now starting to flip actual Russians to get to the bottom of that. How was your day? I mean, I don’t know who you know or how old they are, but nobody else has ever lived through a moment in the American presidency like this. We’re the first.

It’s easy to take Trump’s corruption for granted

Since day one, the Trump administration has been the most corrupt in history. It has become something that many Americans now take for granted. Each day, after all, seemingly brings to light a new revelation about Trump’s criminal conduct, whether it’s in his business dealings, his 2016 campaign or his presidency.

As Rachel Maddow pointed out on Thursday night, the last 24 hours alone contained more scandal and legal liability for a sitting president than most administrations see in total.

When the history of Donald Trump’s presidency is written, it will be remembered as the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen.

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