Adam Schiff Calls Out Republicans For Being Spineless Trump Lap Dogs

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tore into Republicans on Thursday in an open letter published in the Washington Post.

“This is a moment of great peril for our democracy,” Schiff said.

The powerful Democrat slammed Republicans for publicly standing by as Trump continues to demonstrate a complete lack of fitness and decency, even as they privately express their concern with the president’s conduct.

Schiff also hit the GOP for letting Trump get away with his fake national emergency, which is essentially an attempt to “strip” Congress of its authority.

The congressman wrote:

To my Republican colleagues: When the president attacked the independence of the Justice Department by intervening in a case in which he is implicated, you did not speak out. When he attacked the press as the enemy of the people, you again were silent. When he targeted the judiciary, labeling judges and decisions he didn’t like as illegitimate, we heard not a word. And now he comes for Congress, the first branch of government, seeking to strip it of its greatest power, that of the purse.

Many of you have acknowledged your deep misgivings about the president in quiet conversations over the past two years. You have bemoaned his lack of decency, character and integrity. You have deplored his fundamental inability to tell the truth. But for reasons that are all too easy to comprehend, you have chosen to keep your misgivings and your rising alarm private.

That must end. The time for silent disagreement is over. You must speak out.

History will not be kind to the Republican Party

With the Robert Mueller report on the verge of being released, Republicans will again have a chance to demonstrate where their loyalties lie.

According to Andrew McCabe, the special counsel’s findings could be detailed and damning, leaving Republicans very little wiggle room when it comes to defending this president.

If the past is any indication, though, the GOP will continue to act as a spineless lap dog for this president – no matter what dirt the Mueller report shows.

Ultimately, nothing can forgive the Republican Party’s appeasement of Donald Trump over the past two years. History will forever consider it a dark stain on the party and the country.

But if they have any interest in redeeming themselves and their party, they should listen to Adam Schiff and say publicly what they have reportedly said privately: that Donald Trump is a disgrace to the presidency and must be stopped.

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