Malcolm Nance Says The Mueller Report Will Show That Trump Betrayed America

Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance said on Saturday that he sees only two possible conclusions Robert Mueller could have drawn after his investigation.

First is that Trump was a willing asset of Russia who happily coordinated and conspired with the Kremlin during the campaign.

Second is that the president was duped into a compromising position with Russia, but ended up using the situation to help him get elected.

“Those are the only two options,” Nance said. “Both of those are a betrayal to the public trust.”


Nance said:

He only has two options as to what he can tell us. Because there’s an enormous amount of evidence that’s already out there. He can tell us he was an actual handled Russian asset who had worked and willingly coordinated and conspired with Russia, or that he is — what many other people suspect — he’s a dupe, and that he foolishly found his way into this, stumbled through it and didn’t really intend to do it, but used what he found to get himself elected president. That’s it. Those are the only two options. Both of those are a betrayal of the public trust.

Either way, Trump betrayed his own country

While Donald Trump, his family members and Republicans have been quick to take a victory lap, there are still close to a dozen or more active investigations into the president’s potential crimes.

Those investigations, as I noted, could be much more dangerous to Trump and his family than Mueller ever could – and the special counsel report is still likely to be damning.

Not to mention, we don’t even know what is in the Mueller report yet. The fact that there will reportedly be no further indictments is what Republicans and right-wing media have zeroed in on, but it has long been known that Mueller had no intention of indicting the president.

What we do know, as Malcolm Nance reminded an impatient country on Saturday, is that Donald Trump betrayed the country during the 2016 election. If and when that information comes out in the Mueller report, it is up to Congress and the American people to take action.

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