‘I Am With Him’: Trump Praises Kim Jong Un After North Korea Fires Test Missiles

Donald Trump continued to praise brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Saturday, saying, “I am with him” hours after it was reported that the country fired more test missiles.

In a bizarre tweet, the president said, “Anything in this very interesting world is possible, but I believe that Kim Jong Un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea & will do nothing to interfere or end it.”

As CNN noted on Saturday, “If confirmed, the test is understood to be the first missile launch from North Korea since late 2017 — and the first since US President Donald Trump began meeting the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.”

Trump had previously bragged that North Korea was no longer firing test missiles because of him, even going as far as saying he prevented a nuclear war.

Trump is being played by dictators

Trump’s praise of Kim Jong Un on Saturday, even after the North Korean dictator is starting to show more aggression, is just the latest example in recent days of the president bowing down to an authoritarian.

The president has also returned to his habit of publicly conspiring with Vladimir Putin, speaking by telephone with the Russian leader on Friday and agreeing with each other that Robert Mueller’s investigation was a “hoax.”

As PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones also pointed out, “President Trump failed to bring up Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meddling in our elections when they spoke for an hour.” He also “failed to tell Putin not to meddle in the upcoming election.”

Throughout his two years in office, Trump has repeatedly elevated Kim Jong Un on the world stage while simultaneously checking off Russia’s wishlist and bowing down to Vladimir Putin – all while straining relationships with American allies.

America’s adversaries have the United States exactly where they want it.

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