House Dems Preparing Legislation That Would Bar Trump From Starting A War With Iran

Democrats in the House of Representatives are planning legislation that would explicitly bar Donald Trump from starting a war with Iran.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Rep. Maxine Waters confirmed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is prepping to bring such legislation to the floor.

“Absolutely. Nancy Pelosi is committed to that,” the Democratic lawmaker said when Hayes asked if Democrats were willing to advance a measure to prevent Trump from unilaterally starting another war in the Middle East.


The short exchange:

HAYES: Is House leadership, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House leadership, committed to putting a rider in — legislation, must pass legislation, before the floor that would explicitly bar the president from using authorization to attack Iran?

REP. WATERS: Yes. Absolutely. Nancy Pelosi is committed to that.

HAYES: That’s going to happen. Okay, good.

Trump cannot be trusted with war and peace decisions

As a direct result of the Trump administration’s increasingly aggressive behavior toward Iran over the past two years – which started with ripping up the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal – the possibility of another war in the Middle East continues to grow.

Trump has taken a victory lap in recent days for hitting the brakes on strikes that his own national security team was preparing to launch against Iran, but his administration is directly responsible for the increased tensions in the region.

Donald Trump is everything a commander-in-chief shouldn’t be: erratic, unstable and completely uninformed about the complexities of foreign policy – particularly foreign policy in the Middle East.

Democrats in Congress are right to be crafting legislation that would prevent him from singlehandedly getting America involved in another war, but it’s unlikely that Republicans in the Senate will follow suit.

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