Trump Refuses To Take Phone Call From El Paso Congresswoman, Claims He Is ‘Too Busy’

Donald Trump refused to take a phone call from El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar on Tuesday, just days after tragedy struck the border city in her district.

In a tweet, the Democratic congresswoman said that she was told Trump was “too busy” to speak with her about how the nation can heal after a white nationalist terrorist killed 22 people in her city over the weekend.

Escobar has said she will not be present for Trump’s visit to El Paso Wednesday because she refuses “to be an accessory to his visit.”

Trump had nothing on his schedule on Tuesday

It’s laughable that Donald Trump – a man who has golfed, obsessively watched cable news and tweeted his way through his presidency up until this point – is too busy to take a phone call from a lawmaker who represents a city in mourning.

But as CNN reporter Manu Raju noted on Tuesday, Trump’s public schedule shows that he didn’t have anything to do today.

In a tweet, Raju said, “Escobar, a backer of an impeachment inquiry, asked for a private call with the president but the WH said Trump – who didn’t have anything on his public schedule today – was too busy to talk.”

Donald Trump isn’t busy. On any given day, his schedule is filled with an abundance of executive time dedicated to social media tantrums and Fox News watching.

The reason he refused to take Rep. Escobar’s call is that he simply has no interest in hearing the truth, which is that his rhetoric is inspiring white nationalist terrorists to kill innocent people.

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