Trump Tags Parody Twitter Account Of French President Emmanuel Macron In Instant G7 Fail


Donald Trump immediately made a fool of himself at the G7 Summit on Saturday by accidentally tagging a parody Twitter account of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The tweet, which the bumbling president deleted about 15 minutes after posting it, accidentally tagged an unverified account posing as Macron that, as of this writing, has less than 600 followers.

Screenshot of Trump’s initial tweet:



Not only did the president wrongly identify the French president on Twitter, but the account that he did tag appeared to mock or poke fun at him in multiple tweets.

Trump, likely made aware of his fail by advisers, sent out a fresh tweet a short time later that correctly tagged the French president, but the damage was already done.

For the record, @EmmanuelMacron is the correct Twitter handle for the French president. It’s the same account Macron used to tweet a warning about the Amazon fires, while Trump tweeted about ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Trump is an international embarrassment

In big ways and small, Donald Trump has shown himself to be an international embarrassment, particularly in recent days as his full-blown mental breakdown is threatening to take down the global economy.

Trump’s G7 Twitter fail on Saturday was just a small microcosm of his incompetence on the world stage that he has repeatedly displayed over the past two and a half years.

As embarrassing as it is for the United States to be led by a man-sized toddler, it should surprise no one that Trump would tag a parody Twitter account in his sloppy attempt to conduct international diplomacy.

After all, it’s often hard to differentiate between Trump’s actual Twitter page and a parody account.

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